Bandwagon Guest List: ANECHOIS

Only five tracks on this EP and already it is promising so much potential. Upon review by our team, we only have fond things to say about A Shadow of a Sound. Ask about ANECHOIS and you get words like 'progressive,' 'harmonies' and 'atmospheric' thrown around a lot. While they rightfully own the significance of these words, we dig a little deeper to find out the monumental albums that have helped shape the A Shadow of a Sound.

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Conformity Has Replaced Consciousness | B-Quartet

Haziq: I love the raw, organic sound and how each instrument and Bani Haykal’s voice really shines without hogging the spotlight. And we’ve all been B-Quartet fans for the longest time.

We’ve Been Talking | Enemies

Fadli: Enemies is a straight up math rock band, with very interesting and challenging rhythms, and I also like the dual guitar harmonies.

Act III | The Dear Hunter

Asyraft: I love how the songs flow into each other seamlessly, as a concept album with a strong narrative plot. The unique instrumentation and Casey Crescenzo’s songwriting is brilliant as well.

For Long Tomorrow | toe

Dale: This album made me love math rock. It’s more accessible than their previous album, with the addition of acoustic guitar and vocals, but still retains their unique sound, and the song ‘Goodbye’ just makes me smile and feel fuzzy inside.

White Fields & Open Devices | Vessels

Justin: This is one of my all-time favourite albums that has to be listened to as a whole. Vessels manages to blend post-rock and electronic elements into one big (alt-)rocking package; I think that’s something that informs my songwriting and playing style.