Bandwagon Guest List: CHVRCHES

Returning again after a very successful set at Laneway this year is CHVRCHES, this time on their headlining tour. It's been quite a whirlwind for this indie synthpop band, touring and garnering mainstream success all over. We caught up with a quick chat with the band and what they've been doing and listening to!


It’s been more than a year since the release of The Bones of What You Believe. How have you and the band been able to cope with its success? 

We have had an incredible 18 months and are in great spirits as we move towards the end of the campaign. The best way to keep our feet on the ground is to focus on the day to day aspects of being in the band like touring, writing songs and doing press. It’s also very important not to get caught up in what other people are saying or writing about you.

There’s a lot of synchronised lighting effects in CHVRCHES’ shows. How much planning is put into all of this? 

There is a huge amount of effort and planning that goes into our light show. We work with a very talented man named Louis Oliver who creates the concepts and operates the lighting for us. It’s important that our show has as much visual impact as it does sonic. 

We heard the new song you guys have been performing on tour recently, with the working title "Richard Pryor". How’s the next album coming along? 

Ahh yes... That song is actually called "Dead Air" and is finally available to listen to on the internet. It’s taken from the soundtrack to the new Hunger Games movie which is very exciting. We have started working on demos for the new record and there’s now a sizeable body of ideas to work on when we finally hit the studio again. After our South East Asian tour, we’ll take six weeks off then get to work! 

Singapore has seen CHVRCHES earlier this year as part of Laneway Festival. This time, you guys will be headlining your own show. What can we expect from it? 

We had an incredible time at Laneway this year. It was a real highlight of the campaign for us so, naturally, we are excited to come back to Singapore. Expect even more energy, more lights and a couple of new songs. 



This is one of my all time favourite albums and is responsible for my first real interest in sound production. So many interesting sounds and unique ideas. It’s one of those albums that reveals a little more of itself with every listen. 


This album was my gateway to the music of the 80s. The Cure also taught me that it was possible to have commercial success but still make deep and dark full length albums. This album has some excellent examples of pop music that sits perfectly along side 8 minute brooding goth tunes.


Perhaps the most influential Scottish band of all time. This record is a huge source of inspiration to me and the rest of the members of chvrches. I consider Liz Fraser’s voice to be up there with the all time greats.


This album taught me how to create electronic music using song/pop structures instead of dance production. Before discovering this band, the only electronic music I listened to was rave or techno. This album is still hugely important to me for that reason.


If you want to learn how to write harmony, study every aspect of this album. it has some of the most perfect vocal arrangements you will ever hear. Not only that but, spectacular song writing.