Bandwagon Guest List: Seyra

A regular fixture at Viking Coffee's Hipster's Night Out, we've also seen Seyra all around the gig circuit. So when we finally get them in a corner, the questioning begins. We talk to them about their upcoming tour, performing at festivals and favourite albums. 

Hello Seyra! We’ve seen you a couple of times performing at events, how has your year been?

It's been a fulfilling year doing what we love, performing at various shows and making new friends. It's been a busy year yet we are enjoying every moment and opportunity. We are currently in the studio working on our full length album for release in early next year. We also played at Esplanade's Pesta Raya music festival where we collaborated with acapella group Northbound and trombonist who will play with us at an upcoming music festival in Delhi. Last week we shot our first music video as well and planning for a single launch in November which we are really excited about! More details out soon!

Any memorable stories from the gigging circuit? 

The recent show we did at the Substation as part of the Night Festival was quite amazing, seeing the whole stretch of Armenian Street filled with people listening to the performances and just having a party on the streets. Everyday should be a party like that! Pesta Raya was also memorable because it was our first time playing at the Esplanade outdoor theatre with a full Malay set list,  which was a great experience.

You have an upcoming Delhi tour! How did that come about and looking forward?

We're always on the lookout for interesting venues and festivals to play at, and when we heard about it, we sent our music over and got to be invited to the festival. We'll be the only Southeast Asian band at the festival. We didn't know how we were going to finance it, or whether our schedules would fit, we just decided to go ahead, and figure the rest out later. We have spent the last couple of weeks relentlessly approaching organisations for sponsorship, and thankfully, a number have since stepped in to assist us. We're happy with the support! 

We’ve asked a couple of bands on their tour tips, how are you preparing for this tour?

Stocking up on lots of scarfs and jackets! It apparently gets really chilly there at night through the winter months and we have this uncanny tendency to all fall sick before the big gigs. We're determined not to let it get to us this time. We are working on new songs to be unleashed at the festival  and planning to play at a few gigs around Delhi. We're also working on merchandise for the festival.

Top 5 Influential Albums

Rasuk | The Trees and the Wild

Sincere, raw, emotional. Gives a nod to their cultural roots while exploring new ground.

Let It Die | Feist 

Playfully intimate, and very soulful. Hints of genius throughout. An exquisite production

Time of Rebirth | The Observatory

Delicate, lush and evocative. The layers quietly strips down and rebuild themselves in your head.

Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address | B-Quartet

A great album all around. It demands itself to be heard.

Everyday | The Cinematic Orchestra

A satisfying and full sounding album that combines live music with electronic elements. Explores a mix of feelings ranging from calm and peacefulness to tense curiosity.

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