Bandwagon Guest List: Vennu Mallesh

How can we explain Vennu Mallesh any further, he's done quite a great job introducing himself in 'It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do'. Now along with his long awaited follow up song, we bring you a Bandwagon Exclusive - we talked to the legend himself! In its unabridged glory, here is the man in his words.

Tell us about more about yourself and the 'World of Vennu'.

WorldOfVennu is nothing but My world where I can share every thought honestly with freedom.are My thoughts GooD or BaD is unto U.Before posting / Tweeting I know some of My thoughts will be hated by People.But,I don't hide My thoughts.I will share every thought of Mine. One of My Life formula is " Hiding Ur BaD is the Biggest Crime ".

You've hit over 2 million hits on YouTube already! How has it been after your newfound fame?

Feeling Great.After many years I am receiving compliments. Actually many Well Wishers said that there will be change in every person if they get money and fame.I observed Myself that there is no change in Me upto now.But,I observed change in the people around Me.Before the Song they looked at Me as a Waste Fellow ( useless fellow ) But,now they are looking at Me as a Great Fellow.It’s a wonderful feeling.

Did you expect 'It's My Life What Ever I Wanna  Do' to be such a huge hit?

Ya,I expected but I haven’t expected this will happen in this short time 

When did you first start with music and what inspired you?

This is the first Song I made as a Lyricist,Singer,Music Director and Producer.My Hell Wishers inspired Me.whatever the words they used on Me I used them in the Song.

One of My Life formula is "Hiding Ur BaD is the Biggest Crime"
- Vennu Mallesh

You're very opinionated, what is one issue you're most passionate about?

 As previously said I share My thoughts,opinions honestly in My FaceBooK and Twitter.I am passionate about Life.

What are your Top 5 favorite songs?

I mostly listen to Telugu ( My Mother Tongue ) Songs.I hope U are not familiar with Telugu Songs. 

Do you have any words of advice for anyone who wants to make it big from YouTube?

I can’t give any advice because I don’t know how to become Successful from YouTube.But,do something different with Ur unique style.If the people like Ur work they will share automatically

Finally, what makes a 'Very good Bad boy'?

A Very GooD BaD Boy means a person having GooD and also BaD qualities in him.As I have GooD and BaD qualities in Me I named Myself as a Very GooD BaD Boy.

And for Vennu's new song, 'Wish U Enjoy New Year', there's some ace advice in the song...