Bandwagon Mix #33: t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (Dream Catalogue)

Bandwagon Mix #33: t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (Dream Catalogue)

Every week, Bandwagon invites a guest to do a mix for us. Rather than a standard interview where the artist explains their influences, we figured it’d be more potent if you simply listened to the music.

We provide the context, they provide the sounds.

Out of the current wave of vaporwave artists — the purveyors of deep, unsettling post-Internet music — one of the most prolific and prominent figures is t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (or simply referred to as telepath).

The co-owner of UK vaporwave (and post-vaporwave) hive mind Dream Catalogue, the elusive producer has churned out full albums worth of intensely dreamy and trance-inducing ambient music that aren't so heavy on an nostalgic aesthetic and warped 80s smooth jazz samples than they are reliant on an unwavering emotional core.

His label partner Hong Kong Express — also his main collaborator in critically-acclaimed project 2 8 1 4 — describes their brand of music (calling it "dreampunk") best in a mini-manifesto accompanying his recent mix for Boiler Room: "...[it's] music of the mind, where the main objective is to transport you into another world through suggestive narratives and concepts, with abstract, futuristic-sounding music for a new generation. Dreampunk is dream music for underground people living in this increasingly surreal dream world reality."

t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 has a multitude of releases up his sleeve in the coming months, among them the highly-anticipated third album by 2 8 1 4, along with new collaborations with producer Vaperror (テレヴァペ) and a new edition in his ongoing Virtual Dreams Plaza series that just dropped. The once "pay-what-you-want"-centric label has now evolved into a running business, with cassette and CD editions constantly running out-of-stock. He plans to press some of these on vinyl, and even テレヴァペ's latest album on VHS.

The producer reflects his hazy and wistful brand of music with a delightfully mellow and sophisticated mix of Japanese dance-pop, funk and smooth jazz — all taken straight from his personal record collection.

林哲司  -  Dr.マルイのラブコール

斉藤由貴  -  手のひらの気球船

菊池桃子  -  アイドルを探せ

柏原芳恵  -  ふたたび~See  You  Again

南野陽子  -  楽園のDoor

中森明菜  -  幻惑されて

竹内まりや  -  Plastic  Love  (Extended  Club  Mix)

中山美穂  -  WAKU  WAKU  させて  (Instrumental)

中山美穂  -  Rose  Color

酒井法子  -  マンモス・ラッキィ  Boy

新田恵利  -  星を探して

菊池桃子  -  So  Many  Dreams

おニャン子クラブ  -  シーサイド・セッション

林哲司  -  大空のBoy~αからΨまで~

You can visit Dream Catalogue at their official site here.