Bandwagon Mixtape of the Month #4.2: Ninja Moves

Bandwagon Mixtape of the Month #4.2: Ninja Moves

Every month, we invite special guests to curate a themed playlist for the Bandwagon audience. The themes, prescribed by the Bandwagon team, revolve around significant events during each month; each guest then interprets the given theme according to their fancy.  

For this month's mixtape, we asked Nicole Sarmiento to share with us her mixtape selections of seven songs for seven years of Red Ninja Productions. 


“It’s Been Seven Years?!”

When I first realized that Red Ninja was three years shy of being a decade old, it made me feel old. I realized that I have been doing this for SEVEN YEARS. That’s more than half of my adult life. And here I am now, a few weeks before the anniversary, panicking and making a mix tape.

Here are a few songs from bands that have been around in the past seven years and I’m truly grateful for them.

Bakit Pt. 2 - Mayonnaise  

This is one of the songs I heard over and over again for almost a year when we first started out with Red Ninja. I constantly invited Mayonnaise to gigs and they almost always said yes. “Bakit Pt. 2” was one of the songs I would usually ask them to play. 


The Artist - Lions & Acrobats

I would have chosen “Hanging on the Cliff Named IV Drip” since that’s my favorite track from them, but they stopped playing that song a long time ago. The thing is, aside from having LAA in Red Ninja gigs, I'm also their manager. So I don’t only hear “The Artist” during my gigs, but pretty much any gig with Lions & Acrobats.


Maybe in Another World - Runway Crimes

Runway Crimes hasn’t gigged in awhile but when they were still actively playing shows (even before I became their manager) I would always hear them play “Maybe in Another World” - this track is one of my favorites.


Boston Drama - Typecast

I know that Typecast might be sick of playing “Boston Drama,” I like asking them to play it whenever they're at Red Ninja gigs. It’s such a good song that I love hearing live.


Conversation - Carlos Castaño

“Conversation” by Carlos Castaño is also a really good song. He doesn’t perform so much these days, but when Red Ninja first started, Carlos was a constant at our gigs in Magnet High Street. This song was actually part of his album that we launched back in 2009 under Red Ninja.


Past is Past, Bitch - Flying Ipis

Back when Deng didn’t have blonde hair, Flying Ipis would play for Red Ninja gigs in the now defunct Obsidian Bar in Ortigas. I really love “Past is Past Bitch”.


Ninuno - Bullet Dumas

Bullet Dumas hasn’t been playing for Red Ninja as much as the other bands but I’m always grateful for the music he plays during Red Ninja gigs. He’s such a humble musician and is always game to play for gigs, whether big or small. My favorite track from Bullet is “Ninuno.”




Red Ninja Productions celebrates their 7th year anniversary on April 23, 2016, Saturday at B-Side. Line up and ticket details here



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