Bandwagon Photo Contest

Ah, 2012. 'Twas an awesome year for live music wasn't it? We had a great start to the year with Laneway Festival in February, hosted the epic Dream Theatre in May, enjoyed our own mini regional festival with Baybeats in June and who could forget the magic that was Sigur Ros in November. And that's only a small percentage of what went on this past year. 

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And through those moments, you probably would have your camera phone on hand to capture the memory. We all have some stored in the photo galleries of our phone, whether edited with various apps and filters, a grungy digital imprint of the night, or a bunch of blurry ones before finally nailing the shot. 

So here's where we tell you - share them! Bandwagon is holding a photo contest to determine the champion of the mobile lens.

Commemorate your year in live gigs by sending in your best gig shot taken with your camera-phone. We'll gladly put it up on our gallery on Facebook for all to see. In fact, if your picture is awesome enough, we'll even give you a little gift. A reward fit for being such an excellent live music devotee.

You've heard of their legendary notebooks, now we're giving you one! Winners will walk away with a Moleskine Music Journal! Part of the Moleskine Passions series, the Music Journal contains 6 theme-based sections to fill in with Artists, Lyrics, Playlists, Concerts, My Life in Music, Music Map, 12 pages of staff paper (for you composers out there) and blank pages for all your needs. Don't forget that it's still a Moleskine notebook - it's designed and made with the utmost quality in mind. No wonder you've got musicians like Jónsi and Ludovico Einaudi endorsing it. 

How to take part in the contest? Easy.

  • Send in your best gig photo to us at
  • Make sure your image file has the EXIF data on it! (You could send us the original file and the edited one as well) We accept only images that can be verified as camera phone photos.
  • Give us your full name, tell us which gig it was and the device (iPhone 4, Galaxy SII, etc etc) you used to take it with.
  • OPTIONAL: Give a short description and tell us the story behind your photo.- We'll put it up in a gallery on our Facebook page.
  • Call on your friends and gather as much 'likes' as you can!
  • 5 photos with the most likes at the end of the contest will be featured in a special article on our Editorial and the winners will each receive a Moleskine music journal!

Remember, ONLY photos taken with your mobile phones will be accepted.

Edit: We've extended the deadline to the 25th of December, 10PM. After that no entries will be accepted but voting will continue for the Top 5 mobile gig pictures of 2012. 

Winners will be announced on Friday, 28th of December.