Bandwagon Places: Dempsey Hill Part II

Well we said we'd be back and we did. Chapter 2 of Dempsey Hill is just as climactic as its introduction. Where do you find green beer, jackfruit trees, a darts machine and the best light display in Dempsey? Oh we know, we know. 


16a Dempsey Road

Deliberately tucked into a corner of Dempsey Hill, Idle Bar is a hideaway if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars, the antics of late night inebriation, and want to be a reasonable distance away from the next live music venue. To put it simply, if Idle Bar were a song, it would be the strong and silent, power ballad.

Entertainment options: Bonus points for being the only place in Dempsey Hill with a billiard table and darts machine

Best of both worlds: Outside for resort living meets the woods, inside for plush seating and a glass of whisky

Balladeer central: We arrived to ‘She Will Be Loved’ and left with a Bon Jovi slow song

RedDot BrewHouse

25A Dempsey Road

It’s hard to say which one you notice first. The beautiful colonial building, the gardens leading to the place, beer brewing in a glass room, the unavailability of seats or the pretty lighted trees. Whatever it is, this place is the perfect setting for whatever cinematic fantasies you harbour.

All of the awards: Best courtyard set up so far

Keep it simple: Meal combo – pizza x beer

Not-so-simple however: They have ‘Green Monster’, a green coloured spirulina beer

Who would play here: A non-manic, watered-down-in-numbers and more mainstream Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes


130E Minden Road

Backyard at Dempsey is the cool, taciturn guy at the party, refusing to mingle with the rest but still attracting attention. What I am trying to say is that Backyard is located outside the golden circle of Dempsey Hill. This is not to say that they are lacking in any department – a solid menu, tasteful décor, good music – this is all happening in your backyard.

Fruit orchard: The large trees surrounding the venue? They’re jackfruit trees!

Curious culinary: Try the Spam fries with wasabi aioli and the chili con carne

General vibes: Survivor meets Balinese resort, with giant fans keeping this place at an all time cool. Plus, even a selection of books and reading material to peruse through

Crowd vibes: All types – young and old, casual and relaxed


22 Dempsey Road

These sprawling grounds house more than just a couple of restaurants, but is also a private enclave in Dempsey, away from Dempsey. It’s up to you to pick from a vegetarian, or slightly carnivourous, or friendly café palate but we went for greater heights – or really, just the second floor for this place.

Entertainment options: Live music everyday, except Monday

How to be classy: Whiskey + Jazz always a good match

Going out for some fresh air: The outdoor section is spacious, it’s tree house meets beach-front patio

Savoury fare: Tom Yum pizza, duck pastilla rolls and a sake selection