Bandwagon's Guide to UP Fair 2017: Sabayan ang Beat (with tips for the best UP Fair experience from Oh, Flamingo!, The Ransom Collective and Sound Architects)

Bandwagon's Guide to UP Fair 2017: Sabayan ang Beat (with tips for the best UP Fair experience from Oh, Flamingo!, The Ransom Collective and Sound Architects)

A long-standing tradition of the University of the Philippines, the UP Fair is a week-long celebration of music, arts and freedom. This year's theme, "Sabayan ng Beat", promotes freedom of expression through the arts. The 5-day affair kicks off on Tuesday, February 14 and culminates on Saturday, February 18. Each event is hosted by a different university organization and supported by the student council. 

We asked some UP alumni (and UP Fair performers) to share with us some tips on how to enjoy the university's biggest event of the year.

Leah Halili, The Ransom Collective

My first UP Fair was actually the time we performed there, so I was both fan and performer. I had tons of fun because my band mates and I rode the anchors away, ate lots of food, and played the games around the whole fair.

  1. Always be mindful of your belongings.
  2. Try all the rides and booths.
  3. Wear comfy clothes.
  4. Have change with you. There's no ATM in UP (meron pero malayo).
  5. Watch, support, and cheer for all the bands!! Awesome lineup everyday.
  6. Practice CLAYGO. We wouldn't want our friends who use the sunken garden regularly to have a hard time. Let's respect the place and clean up after ourselves.

Watch The Ransom Collective at UP Fair 2012:

Billie dela Paz, Oh, Flamingo!

  1. Buy tickets before the show! Tickets get sold out fast.
  2. Come really early, before the gates open even, because lines end up spanning kilometers. Legit.
  3. Make sure you have the stamina to stand up for hours. You won't be able to sit, unless you're okay with sitting on mud.
  4. Wear shoes you'd be okay with throwing away because it gets really muddy when it's wet. There's a chance it might rain.
  5. Take care of your belongings! People from all walks of life come to watch the show...or cause trouble. You'll never know.
  6. Bring cash, because ATMs are sparse inside UP.
  7. Prepare to walk out of UP after the show! There might not be enough jeeps left on your way home.
  8. Try food that you can only find in UP. They have booths at the fair! I recommend Arki Vicky's chicken skin, pantea, and siomai.
  9. HAVE FUN!!!

Johann Mendoza, Sound Architects

Most of my experiences with UP Fair have to do more with what's going on behind the scenes during Roots, since the UP Underground Music Community, the org I'm currently applying for, handles that night. From that perspective, you can see how much preparation goes into just a part of the Fair, particularly with the performers, and making sure everything flows smoothly. I can't imagine how much more work is done behind the scenes when it comes to the booths and everything else. The only time I went to the Fair without being part of the organizing team was pretty chill though. I went with a couple of friends and we just spent most of the night roaming around the fair grounds. There's so much to see. Dami ring food hahaha. As a performer though, it's really amazing. UP Fair was our first ever super big gig, and we loved the fact that people dug our music and began following us after the fair. All the heckling was really amusing too. Just goes to show that a lot of the people who go to the fair are also in it for the music.

  1. Bring water, especially if you're staying the whole night to watch.
  2. Bring a handkerchief or something to cover your face with. When the more popular bands start performing, the crowd usually starts going alive and starts jumping around, and it gets really dusty.
  3. Bring an umbrella, you never know when it's going to rain.
  4. Don't forget to enjoy yourself too! There's loads of other stuff besides the music.


​When: Tuesday, February 14

Where: UP Sunken Garden

Hosted by: UP Diliman University Student Council

Ticket Prices: Free for UP students and employees/ 50 PHP for non-UP students and at-the-door

Don't miss: Ebe Dancel (stripped down set), Johnoy DanaoTanya MarkovaSound ArchitectsUP Pep Squad Drummers, The UP Repertory Company

Watch Aurora by Sound Architects:


​When: Wednesday, February 15

Where: UP Sunken Garden

Hosted by: UP Music Circle

Ticket Prices: 80 PHP UP Student/ 100 PHP Regular Ticket/ 120 PHP At-the-Door

Don't miss: December AvenueTom's StoryPedicab<S>andwichChicosciOh, Flamingo!, The Squibs

Watch December Avenue featuring Clara Benin:


​When: Thursday, February 16

Where: UP Sunken Garden

Hosted by: UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

Ticket Prices: 80 PHP UP Student/ 120 PHP Regular Ticket/ 150 PHP At-the-Door 

Don't miss: gloc-9, Itchyworms, Hale, BennyBunnyBand, Mayonnaise, Leanne and Nara, Sud

Watch Ely Buendia & The Itchyworms with Pariwara:


​When: Friday, February 17

Where: UP Sunken Garden

Hosted by: UP Junior Marketing Association

Ticket Prices: 80 PHP UP Student/ 120 PHP Regular Ticket/ 150 PHP At-the-Door / Tickets available here.

Don't miss: Rivermaya, Pupil, Jensen and the Flips, The Ransom Collective, Never the Strangers, Midnight Meetings, Lola Amour

Watch Lola Amour with No Tomorrow:


When: Saturday, February 18

Where: UP Sunken Garden

Hosted by: UP Economics Society, UP Underground Music Community

Ticket Prices: 80 PHP UP Student/ 120 PHP Regular Ticket/ 150 PHP At-the-Door / Tickets available here.

Don't miss: Parokya ni EdgarFrancobp valenzuelaApartelMoonwlkShirebound and BuskingPastilan Dong

Gates open at 5 pm. Show starts at 6 pm. 

Watch Apartel perform Guijo St:

This Valentine's Day, let's pass on the love, not the worry.

The UP Diliman University Student Council, in partnership with Kalikha Up Diliman and Klinika Bernardo, are hosting a free and confidential HIV screening on February 14 in the University Health Science from 9 am to 6 pm. 

#NoRegretsJustLove: Free HIV Screening

Screening will only last for 30 minutes! Free advocacy merchandise will also be given away for those who will get tested. 

RSVP here. For further inquiries, you may contact Project Head Neal Alarcon at 0917 626 3899 or email

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