Bandwagon's Ultimate Christmastime Playlist

We're sorry. We've rambled on before about how we've become "sick" of traditional Christmas songs but we realise it isn't quite the same without Sinatra's familiar crooning about chestnuts roasting on an open fire or even The Beach Boys when they were still wide-eyed young lads. They sure know how to make 'White Christmas' sound so lush without being overbearing.

With all these in mind, we came up with an updated Christmas playlist - one that balances the classics with some of our alternative favourites. It's probably the only playlist you'll find a classic Miles Davis rendition of 'Blue Christmas' neatly placed near a surprisingly saccharine original tune by original sadboys (and girl) Low. There are some familiar tracks but we unearthed some treasures within the deepest depths of Spotify's catalog; an intoxicating duet with Sharon van Etten and Rufus Wainwright and an ode to the holiday by The Smashing Pumpkins. 

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