Bandwagon Sessions Season #2: A Round Up

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We tried something unique for Season 2 of the Bandwagon Sessions and broke out onto the streets. Bringing the bands along with us, we explored streets, laneways, and even wet markets around town. Along the way, we’ve witnessed people clapping along, the mandatory whipping out of phone for a quick video or photo, enquiries about where to find the band’s music, impromptu jamming sessions with uncles who “very long never play already”, and other heartwarming incidents. 

Here’s a list of everyone and everywhere we’ve been to in this season. Tell us which areas/places and bands you’d like to see featured in the next season! 

1. Gentle Bones + Josh Wei in the lorongs of Geylang

2. ANECHOIS in heart of Chinatown

and some extra footage too:

3. Nathan Hartono on the streets of Little India

4. Cashew Chemists in a busy wet market at Chinatown

5. Pleasantry in the meandering alleys of Ann Siang Hill

6. The Psalms on a Sunday night at Clarke Quay