Barbie Almalbis recommends...

Barbie Almalbis recommends...

Have you ever stepped out of a Barbie Almalbis show wondering what to eat or what movie to watch? Have you ever been stumped in picking the perfect gift to get your musician friends—both who are starting out and those who've rocked the biggest stages in the country?

Barbie Almalbis talks new EP Tigre, getting over creative dry spells, and keeping music in the family – cover story

After today, you'll never have to wonder anymore, because in this edition of Recommends... the 'Tigre' singer-songwriter herself will tell you exactly what you should get yourselves into this time around.

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What is the best thing to eat after watching a Barbie Almalbis show?

Pan de sal, kasi baka gutom ka.

Best thing to drink during a Barbie Almalbis show?

Lots of cold water. Parang, nanonood ka na, nagpapaka-heathy ka pa. Diba, hydrated and everything.

A new music act that people should check out.


I think I’ve mentioned so many, but I don’t know if they’re considered new anymore...(thinks) Bird. They’re kinda new. (laughs)

A Disney animated film to watch

Aristocats. I watched that a lot as a kid.

Best video game you’ve ever played.

I just love Tetris. Is there still Tetris on PS4? I was telling my husband to get.

A movie you can watch over and over again

Oh, the Bourne series. 

Best movie soundtrack ever

Let me see...Singles? I don’t know. (Laughs)

Wala, naisip ko lang but I’m not sure if that’s my top one. It was in Seattle, it’s about the grunge scene. I think it was Matt Dylan. It was in the early 90s. Parang mga...Soundgarden, mga ganun. It was a movie about the beginnings of grunge. You should check it out! Yeah, and so they got there actors, people who were in the scene, they got them to act in the movie! It was Bridget you know Bridget Fonda? Hindi na ba? Grabe. (Laughs)

The best Avenger

Spider-Man. He’s my favorite. Everybody says Iron-man. I mean, I like him, he’s super funny but I like Spider-Man. He’s amiable. (Laughs)

Three essential guitar pedals that any guitar player should have 

Oh! No, don’t talk to me about this...three? Only three?! I have a pedal graveyard there. That’s my gigging board and then I have a graveyard. (laughs)

The Empress Super Delay, the Empress Zoya, and Love Pedal Overdrive. I have two of them. They’re two different kinds, but yeah.

Starter guitar?

Fender Strat. Stratocaster. A Japan one. Because meron US, may Japan, may Mexico, but for me like for the price, it’s super good. The Japan not as expensive as the US ones pero yung craftsmanship niya...and I don’t know if it’s build for Asian hands but the neck is smaller and it’s easier to play for me.

Guitar string gauge?

I use 10s. I started with 9s. But then when I would gig a lot, I would break the string. Pag nanggigil ka na...yeah. So 10s.

But if you’re starting to play guitar, I recommend starting with a nylon string. Because it doesn’t hurt your fingers and parang nade-develop yung kalyo mo pero di masakit, right? So by the time you switch to steel string, then okay na, may ano ka na...defense. May defense ka na.