Baybeats 2012 Special: How Are You Preparing for Baybeats 2012?

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It might be eating 10 eggs a day or band practice from dawn to uh, dawn; we ask how the artistes are preparing for Baybeats 2012. The answers range from mild and relatively normal to a little insane. Here are the results, uncensored and unabridged.

King Ly Chee (HK)

Well, what we're doing is what any god-fearing band on this planet would be(should be) doing to prepare for an apocalyptic end to a weekend of awesomeness...we have begun daily prayer services to the Lord of Heavy Music - Slayer.  See you in the pit Jul 1!

Rachael Teo

I have been stress-baking cookies, drinking an insane amount of coffee and alcohol, and recording tracks (trying to) for the demo EP that I will be selling at the festival - Home Sessions. :) 


We eat loads of beancurd, fried chicken cutlets and fried tofu. It gives a rough edge to our voices.

The Fast Colors

We rehearse the songs we intend to play. We eat our lunch. On Wednesdays, we go shopping and buttered scones for tea. We listen to the songs we intend to play, then we rehearse over and over again.

King Kong Jane

We're preparing for Baybeats in 3 ways - practice, practice and...practice! It's been five years since we last performed at Baybeats, so we've been jamming lots to ensure that we'll give a kick-ass show on the 29th of June. Other than practice, we've been promoting the gig on every social media platform there is. After all, every kick-ass show needs a kick-ass audience eh?

Bottlesmoker (ID)

Having sex with 3 horses in the zoo and every morning we have dance class. Also practicing to sing like ‘Papparoti’.

Carlos Castano (PH)

Well honestly, I'm really nervous AND excited about this year, I'll be using a looper and harmony pedal to simulate more than myself during my sets so I guess I'm preparing by leaving my comfort zone and trying my hardest to understand technology haha in short, YouTube is now my best friend.


At each and every Cockpit show, it is essential that the Blessings of the Gods of Metal are sought before we claim the stage. First, we begin the ritual cleansing of our physical bodies through the ancient Rite of Purifying Imbibement, during which we drink many pints of Godly Nectar, washing away the trappings of our mundane lives. Once the inner vestiges of our mortal (and conscious) selves have been eliminated, we spend many weeks together in quiet meditation, gently stroking our instruments (Johnny Danger and Psyence Fyktion on guitars, Sludge on bass and the Collapse of Uncertainty on drums) to the steady, never-ending rhythm of the Gods' eternal song, so that our souls may be properly aligned with their Holy Will. When our physical bodies finally reverberate with the indomitable harmonies of Metal's Song, we proceed to the Inner Sanctum of Rock where, after repeated sessions of Guitar Hero and Godly Nectar, the Gods manifest themselves in flames of Rock and thundering peals of Metal. It is then that the Gods bestow upon us their Sacred Blessing (+5 Face-Melting, +10d20 damage on Critical Hit) and grant us the Set List. All that remains is for each us to commune with our respective Patron God (the God of Fire, Thunder, Lightning or Stone) until the day of the show arrives. (Psyence Fyktion then eats 10 eggs a day for a week before the show. We don't know why).


We have not seen one another's faces for more than 10 days. And we won't until Monday. Shiva made a special trip to Kerala to invoke the Tantric deities to unleash mayhem at the Baybeats. The rest of the guys are listening through 70 odd songs to pick the 'chosen ones' for Baybeats!

In Each Hand A Cutlass

We're getting manicures and pedicures - gotta keep the fingernails in check for the intricate fretwork, and pedicures so the stage feels like little fluffy clouds when we trample all over it.

Check out the lineup here. See you all at Baybeats! 

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