Baybeats 2012: The Report

FACT: The planning for the line-up took 8 whole months for the Baybeats team, from the first cut of about 50 bands that were put together internally. Seems like the hard labour paid off as most if not all of these acts made music enthusiasts rave on for days. From folk to vedic metal, electronica to comedy metal, we got most of the three-day soiree covered: 


Pronounced: An-echo-is (no it's not French)

Equipment on stage: 15

River happenings: 2 Chinese junks, 3 boats, 1 huge moving platform with cannons (Yes, cannons)

Number of climaxes: Countless

Headbang-Worthy tracks: All of them

What you should do: Get their EP (we reviewed it HERE)


Number of white shirts on stage: 3 + 1 T-Shirt 

Number of khaki pants on stage: 4

Sad songs: 'Heartbreak' 

Fireworks: Yes, and at perfects moments too!

Jets and boats: 3 jets and there were speedboats. Darn it, is it war time already?

Fan base: Supportive, very.

Merchandise plugging: 3


Who will definitely approve: The Metal Gods

Style peg: Overgrown child dressed as superhero

Choice of accessory: Capes 

Notable songs: The Seaman's Son, Crystal Ball

Lead guitar harmonies: The Metal Gods and I approve

Highlight of the night: Tuning Song


Fireworks: They must have paid more than Cashew Chemists. The fireworks lasted the whole set!

Comfort level on stage: Over 9000!

Guest star cameo: Dancing with #1 Baybeats Fan, the guy with the leopard hoodie

Vocal effects: More than Crystal Castles

Number of audience members dancing: 5, including the middle-aged man in the leopard hood

Talent: Incorporating karate moves with Dubstep music.

Achievement unlocked: Get the Baybeats crowd on their feet


What is a cutlass: A type of sword

Fact: No actual cutlasses were used

More sharp facts: Musicians were as sharp as cutlasses with their very focused and multi-layered performance

In summary: Heavy-as-a-very-heavy-thing riffs coupled with pretty atmospheric soundscapes electronically conjured, what's there not to like?


Most awesome moment: The held vocal note in Barricade

Duration: 10 seconds (at least)

Impressed? Most.

Mosh pit intensity: so-so

Vocalist stage prowling pattern: Middle-left-right-middle-drumset. Repeat.

Reminds you of: The good old emo/punk rock/post-hardcore days of yore. 


Percentage of audience capacity to venue: 150%

Vibe: Zooey Deschanel x Dian Sastro circa Ada Apa Dengan Cinta(Indonesian actress)

Singalongs: "Do What You Want To Do"

Dance styles utilised: Cha Cha, Tango, Samba

Extra notes: Check out their documentary film, Life Keeps On Turning screening HERE

Credit: Yahoo Singapore


How many times I have seen them live: 5

Bored already? No

How many cat masks I now own: I will not dignify this with an answer

Number of cool cats spotted: 4 (no prize to guess which ones)

Number of actual cats spotted: 0 (sadface)

Cost to download album “Mannequins” legally: $0.00 


Number of people debating who she sounds like: A LOT

Who she sounds like: Depends. Choose from – Joanna Newsom at the beginning of her songs, Russian Red, Coco Rosie, Anthony Green, “Coco Rosie singing like Rachael Yamagata”

Moves like: Kimbra

Style peg: Lady Peter Pan (approve)

Instruments used: Vocals and an acoustic guitar

Transported to: A forest with talking animals 

Number of upbeat songs: 1

The song where Elda had to battle funny throat: 'Man Upon The Hill' 

Achievement unlocked: Get the audience to sing


Happy people: It wasn't easy to make out everything the frontwoman Atsuko sang, but she seemed cheery and happy to be in Singapore

Sound judgment: Beautiful melancholic post-hardcore music bogged down by a bad sound mix

Good move: Guitarists were intense, ending the set with visceral guitar feedback noise

Did we talk to them: Yes! Read about it HERE


Dressed like it was: 15 degrees celsius 

Number of minutes before first banter with fans: 30

Sounds like: A mix of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros 

Duration where I was in a trance: 45:00. Basically, for their whole set.

Did I want it to end: No

Was I sad when it ended: Almost close to tears

Destination after their set: Straight to the merchandise booth

All of the awards: Best Band of the Day, Most Synchronized Band, Best Drummer of the Day, Best Sound of the Day, Best Merchandise 

Side notes: It was the best experience I had since Laneway Festival. I wish them all the best for their European Tour and I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

A Plug: Chip in for their EuroTour HERE


Amount of Filipinos in the audience: Too many to count

Learn this, Singapore: The only band that could school Singapore in fan dedication

Level of dedication: Heard from a friend that there were Filipino fans who flew from their hometown just to watch them

Fact: Surprisingly no dub influence in their music

This is no Eurovision contest: No urban background dancers too (I was kinda hoping for that)


Cool socks: Blue with red stripes 

Some instruments used: Paper and sighs for "Oxygen"

Level of melancholia during set: High


First attempts of crowd surfing: During the first song

Song titles I couldn't pronounce: A few

Security guards trying to stop crowd surfing: Failed

CHC-related jibes: A couple, which only roused the crowd more

Legit Rockstar moment: "Baybeats turns 10 this year. We've been around for 20."

Text: Daniel Peters, Delfina Utomo, Ilyas Sholihyn, Nigel Lopez & Olivia Griselda