Baybeats 2013 Special: How Have You Been Preparing? (Part I)

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It's Baybeats week! Which means that it is the time of the year again when we ask the mandatory question: How are you preparing for Baybeats? The replies last year ranged from serious to hilarious and we thought we'd try again this year. This year's results? See for yourselves! Also, we had to split it into two parts. 

Windmill (TW)

Diet maybe.

Dropbeat Heartbeat (SG)

To get really hyped up for Baybeats 2013, the band have been coming up with loads of DIY stuff (mainly because we are broke and Singapore's expenses are really high, and since people always say that it's the thoughts that count *winks*), for the boners; the current and the future. Oh, and to keep the energy on the high, we are loading up on dick jokes, carbs and protein. We're not gonna tell you what we are really eating though... 

I really want to use this 'as the saying goes..', but we all know that it's not really applicable in this sentence. Oh well, here goes; we like to believe that it's completely fine being a pop diva, crazy dudes or whatever you wanna call it while being onstage, but it's never fine to bring that attitude off stage. Band or not, we still have manners ;) 

The Pinholes (SG)

It’s not like the end of the world isn't it? If not then the preparation is just minimal. We just rock 'n' roll like its1955, anything beyond that is not our control. Chaos, Nah... we just bring back the vibe.

Enesya (SG)

We prepare for Baybeats by serving the nation! We march with our guitars, Justin screams at everyone he sees and we do IPPT while singing our songs. Just kidding! We squeeze in as many jamming sessions as we can every weekend to maximize our practice timing and to improve ourselves just so we will be well prepared for the crowd at Baybeats!

The Sets Band (SG)

Well we've been taking things up a notch lately and you could say things have been getting pretty hardcore around here! Twelve teddy tea parties, nineteen movie-marathon sleepovers in the past month and we've just barely even got started with the indian pole dancing lessons we've enrolled ourselves into - the lessons aren't cheap, so this bromance conditioning had better pay off well or else one of us would have become a homeless hobo for nothing.

Electrico (SG)

We have been doing 100 bicep curls everyday so that our veins will be visible when we start playing. Oh, and a lot of jamming as well.

Mannequins (SG)

From weekly practice routines to regular grooming sessions, Mannequins have been busily busying themselves with preparatory business. Get ready for a show that will knock you off your feet.