Baybeats 2014 Special: The Lineup

Baybeats has always been an event we look forward to yearly. We're always up for fresh sounds from up and coming bands, and discovering what's rocking around the region and beyond. For three days, Esplanade will be a mad playground for over 30 bands and even more music lovers. Besides live performances spread out in three arenas - The Concourse for some air-conditoned respite, The Outdoor Stage for the full big sound experience, and the ever-epic Powerhouse stage where we have witnessed moshpits and proposals - there are also more intimate sessions with the artists at the Esplanade library.

As always, Baybeats presents a multitude of genres at the three-day event to keep you on your toes every single day. What we have on our hands this year are the Midwest emo/post-math Sphaeras who are also one of the final bands for the Baybeats audition, Singapore alt-rockers MONSTER CAT and wyd:syd, post-metal Earthmover from Philippines, some math-rock from Thailand by way of Two Million Thanks, the electronic stalwarts .gif and psychedelic outfit Spacedays from our own city-state, stoner metalheads Seringai from Bandung, False Plaintiff to represent some post-hardcore and Lost Weekend for some pleasant fuzzy sounds. There'll be more of course but we have to let you discover it for yourselves! For some guidance, we prepared a care package in the form of a YouTube playlist so you sample ALL of the bands and music!