Beer Market For The Holidays

Beer Market is a pretty neat place. The Wall Street meets classic pub meets sports bar meets small gig vibes, we love it. That is why we came up with 5 reasons for you to visit Beer Market soon! 

1. The Market Place

Keeping up with the SGX can be tedious but with Beer Market, the first and only stock-market-themed bar in Singapore, this is one financial market you want to be involved in. Staying true to the tagline, ‘Buy Low Drink High’, beer flows fast and cheap around here if you look out for market crashes and bull runs, ensuring that that pour-drink-repeat cycle continues every 30 minutes or so when the prices of beer changes. How it works is easy, prices of beer vary according to its demand. It’s a clever way to be trying new types of beer, and also keep that glass refilled. Constantly.

2. Beer

A place called Beer Market is not without a wide selection of beer, both local and international. Play it safe with a bottle of good ol’ Heineken or be more adventurous and try the exotic sounding Kopparberg Elderflower Lime Cider. With the prices fluctuating all the time, there is no excuse for not trying out everything on the list! We asked the staff for recommendations and here’s the word on the (Wall) street:

Peroni Nastro Azzuro

Fresh and crisp, almost thirst quenching, the Peroni is the perfect lager beer to accompany your pub palate. Pale in colour with a slightly fruity aftertaste, it makes for an easy drinking beer.

Erdinger Dunkel

Dunkel meaning ‘dark’ is a lovely rich and smooth full-bodied beer. With it’s deep coffee colour, it might look intimidating but it is aromatic and well-balanced, a great dark wheat beer. This is one you drink slowly to savour the flavour.

Früli The Strawberry Beer

A favourite with the crowd, this is one if you don’t enjoy the bitter aftertaste of beer. Sweet and fruity, more cordial than full-bodied beer, it goes down smooth and nice that you won’t even realise it was beer you’ve been chugging all night long!

Check out their other selections HERE

3. Food

Besides top choice beverages, Beer Market serves up some terrific pub grub. Choose between pizzas (the Parma ham is highly recommended), chips and nachos, chicken wings and even some Asian fare (some excellent fried rice there on the menu). Talk to the staff about recommendations and specials and they’ll be happy to direct you to a very satisfying meal and the possibility of coming back.

Monday to Thurday, between the hours of 6 – 8pm, and all-day Sunday, Beer Market turns it up for Happy Hungry Hour. Enjoy two hours of wings, nachos and grilled sausage for $3 a plate!

Trivia: We spotted the Singapore Dating Network (SDN) having their ‘Chicken Wing Outing’ on a weekday. Apparently all that’s left after a night is a “pile of bones” (and some numbers exchanged, we hope).

4. Music

Another area where Beer Market excels is live music, daily. Apart from eating and drinking, people want to be entertained. They have a talented repertoire of bands that play here nightly. Requests just keep on coming, sometimes people join the musicians onstage, crowd banter is aplenty – basically, it is a more compact concert in a pub.

Beer Market also organises special music events. Euro Jam this year was held to celebrate the Euro Cup seasonal fever, but football wasn’t the only thing keeping patrons occupied. Beer Market had amateur bands and aspiring bands come to perform during this period. Response was fantastic and it led to one of the bands, Greenlake, to be one of Beer Market’s resident acts. Original Sundays, also hosted by them, was an initiative to allow up and coming local bands to showcase their original material. Pssst, the SXSW-bound band, The Sam Willows were one of the bands who played for Original Sundays before.

So You Think You Can Sing?

2013 looks to be exciting for the Beer Market music scene, as they’ll be launching So You Think You Can Sing? on Thursdays from 830pm. If you can sing, you’ll be joining forces with the talented Shili & Adi in unleashing your hidden music talents during the Open Mic sessions. And if you can’t (we don’t believe you), sit back and treat yourself to an entertaining night!

Who are ShiLi & Adi? The dynamic duo, offers a wide range of soothing R&B and jazzy renditions of pop numbers and a twist of rock tunes, now even including Asian music in their setlist. They are known for their notable, creative medleys and fresh, original arrangements of standard covers. 

So You Think You Can Sing? starts Jan 3, Thursday, 830pm.

5. The Season’s Festivities

It’s the end of the year so party period is definitely on! Come on down to Beer Market to celebrate, with some perks:

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