Ben&Ben release new single, "Kathang Isip" – listen

Ben&Ben release new single, "Kathang Isip" – listen

Ben&Ben's last single, "Leaves",  reached 1 million plays on Spotify yesterday (6/21) and now, the nine-piece folk-pop act have released a follow-up single, "Kathang Isip". 

"Kathang Isip is about the musings of a person who's been through an experience of unrequited love. We think that it's something that a lot of people can relate to, and this clearly shows based on people's reactions when we play it at gigs," Miguel Guico shares with Bandwagon.

The band plans to release the rest of the songs from their EP via digital platforms, alongside new material in the next couple of months. Guico also shares that the group is currently in the process of writing new material for their forthcoming record and will be working on some big projects* and collaborations soon. (*Hint: Watch out for a special Bandwagon announcement soon!)

Listen to "Kathang Isip" here:

The band celebrates the release of the new single with an accompanying music video directed by the band's very own manager, Ria Red. 

Watch the music video here:

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