Best 2-Man Bands #1

Ah, dynamic duos. As a series, we'll be compiling some of our favourite 2-Man groups. Some of them we've had the honour of seeing live, some we can only dream of seeing live. Here's only #1 so keep a look out of more power duos! Best thing? Tell us who you think are best and we might include it in the series! 

The Black Keys

You've got to have them in every Best 2-Man Band list in history. With Dan Auerbach on sweet, sweet reverb-drenched guitar and vocals, and Patrick Carney thundering on drums, this duo has revolutionised blues in contemporary rock music. You don't have to be a blues aficionado to enjoy The Black Keys and even the snobbiest of blues fans would appreciate the music. The album Brothers? That's going to be a long-time all-time favourite. 


Bulked up sound, mad energy, and music that smashes through the atmosphere, Japandroids is one dynamic duo we have had the pleasure of seeing live at Laneway 2013. As loud as it gets, their brand of music is not fussy, uncomplicated, and always harping on the positive - it's easy to get into them. That sense of recklessness we vibed from their music made us start a mini mosh-pit at Laneway. Don't worry, no one was hurt, and there was a lot of hugging instead. 

Simon & Garfunkel

Let's not forget the oldies. This seminal 2-man group made a lot of memorable music in the 60s and 70s and if that sounds way too long ago for you, Simon & Garfunkel's music is something you've probably come across in your childhood or life. It's true. Or films such as The Graduate and more recently, The Royal Tenenbaums. Either way, music like Simon & Garfunkel's will always be relevant no matter what era. 

Flight of the Conchords

We mulled about Music and Comedy yesterday, and yes, even comedy bands can be good bands. They play well, at times do some choreography, and they write original songs. And then they're funny. That's a bonus. 

Beach House

Saved this one for last because look at the weather today, look out your window. Now look here and think "I could do with some Beach House right now." Is that not what you were thinking. Victoria Legrande's dreamy vocals and Alex Scally's billowy guitar makes you feel at ease all the time. Music for all sorts of weather and seasons, definitely. #rememberRainway2011

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