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Bohan Phoenix releases take-no-prisoners banger 'YMF' – listen

Bohan Phoenix releases take-no-prisoners banger 'YMF' – listen

"Yeah, I'm young / But I promise, fuck with me and learn and something" –  Bohan Phoenix dropped a nuke into the ether earlier this morning. Christened 'YMF' and produced by W. Y. Huang, the track is a panorama of jugular-destined aggression and hyper-potent East-West-collapsing production.

As always, the Brooklyn-via-Hubei rapper weaponises his verve to dashing and brutal effect. No one is spared: The fakes on the gram, cultural appropriators, doubters, people who define themselves by their face tats, all face the firing squad that is his bludgeoning bar-after-bar flow, buoyed by a dynamic raft of utterly menacing and kaleidoscopic sounds.

Listen to it below.