Hang out with your friends on the virtual social app, Bondee

Hang out with your friends on the virtual social app, Bondee

It's time to live your best virtual life on Bondee

Over the last week, social media feeds in the region have been flooded with adorable digital reimaginations of our friends hanging out in their brightly decorated rooms. Created by Singapore tech firm Metadream, the app, named Bondee, is a meta-universe social networking platform that allows users to interact, chat, and engage with their friends. 

@bondee_ph Create your own character and find your favorite dress in the Bondee world! #Bondee #metaverse #changeoutfitchallenge #fashionstyles #gallery ♬ original sound - Bondee Philippines

Since its launch in Asia earlier this year, many users have found home in the digital world of Bondee, often taking to social media to share their avatar's outfits, room, and statuses. 


Upon downloading Bondee, you can customise your own avatar, decorate your rooms, and invite your friends to hang out. Much like instant messaging apps, you can also chat with your friends and other users. 

Check out some of them below. 

This comes as the latest app to make use of Web3 and metaverse technology. In the past, platforms like Decentraland—which hosts Bandwagon's very own Pixel Party—and Sandbox have also allowed users to interact and engage in the virtual world. 

Bondee is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Make sure to add Bandwagon and hang out with us!