Breakfast Clouds' Treehouse EP: a track-by-track guide

Breakfast Clouds' Treehouse EP: a track-by-track guide

Breakfast Clouds want to invite you into their Treehouse this weekend.

The folk pop/electronica duo, composed of Ela Rivera and Pauline Rana, have been making music together since 2017 and they've now made their dreams come true with their 3-track EP, Treehouse. "We recorded at a pace that works for the both of us since we’re both really busy people," they tell Bandwagon, but bring the pandemic into the equation, and you get a rush of uncertainty.

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Rather than completely scrapping their plans, Ela and Pauline pushed through with releasing their EP in support of Amihan Women, a non-profit organization that works for genuine agrarian reform and women's rights. "We both felt that it was a priority to help women and children, because by helping women and children, we’re helping families."

"We came up with Treehouse as an EP title because we felt like the songs gravitated towards the idea of wanting to escape, but not completely," they explain. "You know when you’re in a treehouse, you’re not really gone. It’s a temporary escape. Nasa taas ka lang nung puno, pero alam mong bababa ka rin naman."

Treehouse EP, which was produced by Kevin Ingco, is scheduled for release on August 8 (Saturday) on their Bandcamp page. Check out the stories behind each track below.

'Spring Jump'

Pauline: Attempt siya to memorialize a feeling that I felt whenever I’d go to this certain place. I personally enjoyed recording this, pero ito ata yung pinakamadaming takes ng guitar parts hahaha. This is also my favorite Ela Rivera synth part.

Ela: We would usually subconsciously start with this song every practice. I had so much fun harmonizing with Pauline here. It’s a song that never fails to make me really listen; every word feels so intentional. I remember being so fixated on making sure the synth patch feels right; a lot of knob turning happened.


Ela: This song is like a combination of structures and sensations; anatomy turned sensory. It’s also about appreciating something from afar since hindi mo alam kung ano ba yung allowed na proximity or limit mo. Sensory thing. Frolicking innocently.

Pauline: Nung sinend sa akin ni Ela yung demo nito around 2017, doon ko narealize na ok, I want to make something with her. It’s also the first track that we released online pero sinali namin siya sa Treehouse kase we felt like we can still do something different compared to the Soundcloud version that we have. This track was also our gateway to many, many opportunities. So it’s dear to us.


Ela: Totally nag stop ako sa life. Like nag pause. Lipat ako ng lipat, naging nomadic ako mentally and physically. Tapos per place ang dami kong encounters with real people. Ang amazing how descriptive they can get when they start narrating their own stories, whereas I would have a hard time remembering, just speaking in blurry fragments. At the end of the day, iwan ko lang yung thought na yon kaya ko sinabi na just saying. Alam kong kailangan ko lang hayaan yung concern na yon.

Pauline: I think it’s safe to say that 'Vividly' is our Magnum Opus. Minsan nagugulat pa rin kami na ito yung kinalabasan nung tunog niya. 

Join the online celebration of Breakfast Clouds' Treehouse EP release on August 8 (Saturday).