Breaking Taboos with ShiGGa Shay and The Sam Willows

#SOMEBODYLIKEME is an active movement by Durex Singapore to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, one mind at a time and they’ve done so by teaming up with local talents and brands to begin the 2014 World AIDS Day campaign. Commemorated every year on December 1, World AIDS Day emphasises awareness about HIV/AIDS, and the importance of safe sexual practices. 

Many personalities around the world have been pulling their weight to lend their support to raise AIDS awareness for quite some time. Foundations have been started, celebrity advocates, educational workshops initiated, and more. Let’s take a look at what has been said so far: 

"I'm a real person, and I'm angry. I'm trying to use this celebrity thing to get people some help. AIDS, poverty, racism - I want to be one of the hands that helps stop all that. I'll put it on my shoulders. I'll charge it to my account." 
Jamie Foxx

"It’s bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance."
Elizabeth Taylor

"I want to make it fashionable to have safe sex. You must be safe. You can have sex with hundreds of people with a condom on and get nothing. If you have sex without one, then you could get all sorts of problems."
Lady Gaga

"Like no other illness, AIDS tests our ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes -- to empathize with the plight of our fellow man. While most would agree that the AIDS orphan or the transfusion victim or the wronged wife contracted the disease through no fault of their own, it has too often been easy for some to point to the unfaithful husband or the promiscuous youth or the gay man and say "This is your fault. You have sinned." I don't think that's a satisfactory response. My faith reminds me that we all are sinners." 
Barack Obama

Increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS and education is a large part of the Durex mission and they hope to empower individuals through the #SOMEBODYLIKEME campaign and build a meaningful and lasting platform for discussion about sex-related issues. 

This year, Durex Singapore has partnered with the lion city kia ShiGGa Shay, who composed, performed and directed the campaign song and video that also features Singapore’s premiere YouTube superstars The Sam Willows, DJ Nicole Chen and vlogger Celeste Chen. For each share of the specially produced music video via social media, Durex will donate one condom to Action for AIDS in support of their community education and outreach efforts. Additionally, with each purchase of the Durex 10s-18s box at 7-Eleven stores, one condom will also be donated to the foundation. 

On top of that, we’re throwing in these exclusive limited edition DEPRESSION x Durex t-shirts that was donned in the video (worth $49) to give out! 

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