Britney Spears Live in Manila according to Filipino fans

Britney Spears Live in Manila according to Filipino fans

Pop princess Britney Spears made her Manila debut last Thursday, June 15, at the Mall of Asia Arena. It took 19 years, but the pop star finally made it to our shores, arriving via private plane on the day of the concert. Spears performed a total of 24 songs - she skipped our personal favorites, 1999's "Sometimes" and the Janet Jackson-esque "Anticipating" - focusing on her choreography and massive stage production. Britney fans and all sorts of Britneys sang their heart out to every single song, earning Manila the "best crowd so far!" title from one of Britney's dancers. The crowd couldn't get enough and we're still on a high as they left in droves, singing Britney hits on their way out of the MOA Arena. 

We speak to fans about the their ultimate Britney anthems, what the pop princess means to them, and how this concert changed their lives. 

Joey Santos, musician (Halik ni Gringo)


Britney fan since: 1998

How did you get tickets? Reserved the minute tickets were on sale.

Time-in at the venue: 8:59 - I had just bought merch and made my way to our seats when the lights dimmed!! Right on time.

At what point did you start crying: didn't. I would've if she sang "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" or "Sometimes". Or "Anticipating". Or "Everytime". Or... 

Favourite Britney song: Anticipating!!!!

Favourite song performed live: Til The World Ends / Work Bitch

What does Britney mean to you? 

Picking yourself up and putting broken pieces back together.

Has the show changed you in any way? 

It reminded me why I love music and work in the industry.

Aldrin Enrile, Communications Specialist

Britney fan since: She came out! Baby one more time, baby!

How did you get tickets? Online

Time-in at the venue: 7PM

At what point did you start crying: WHEN SHE CAME OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME

Favourite Britney song: Gimmie More

Favourite song performed live: Stronger, Till the World Ends

What does Britney mean to you?

She brightens up my day. She knows how to pick me up. She's like my bff who knows how to party with me. She's from heaven!

Has the show changed you in any way?

At 30, it's my very first concert - EVER. I don't really like going out to crowded places but I told myself that the only concert I'll go is IF Britney came to Manila. Now I've been to a concert and it's Britney bitch!

Alex Lapa, stylist

Britney fan since: I'd always been secretly singing and dancing to her songs since Baby One More Time, but it was really Oops I Did it Again that sealed the deal, so I would say I outed myself after 2000.

How did you get tickets? I knew I had to get tickets fast because I was up against thousands of competition who would not bat an eyelash at a 15-20k ticket. So the day before, a friend and I planned that we would each try to book online and whoever got through first would just buy for all. Ideally, someone would also line up just to cover all our bases, but I had meetings that day so I couldn't stray far and my friend was going to be on a flight to Singapore. It was a harrowing two hours for me because it was so difficult to get Patron and VIP tickets, it was always getting booked first--in the end, there were three of us (a colleague saw me stressing out so badly in front of my laptop that she volunteered to help) working non-stop for two hours trying to book tickets. Finally, my friend who had superior internet in SG managed to secure the tickets and that was it!

Time-in at the venue: I got there at around 6:40PM -- a pleasant surprise, as it only took me around 40 minutes from Makati. I very nearly skipped my make-up appointment  because I was so scared of the traffic, but decided to push through with it anyway; I didn't get to make my Toxic-inspired costume na rhinestones, so might as well arrive there fully made up. Lol.

At what point did you start crying: Opening pa lang! When Work Bitch started playing, I started tearing up. Because of so much happiness. Or because of the amount of mascara, falsies, and eyelash glue. Probably both.

Favorite Britney song: This is like choosing which one of your babies is your favorite, man. But probably Toxic. Britney was at her prime when she came out with In The Zone.

Favorite song performed live: Piece of Me, I think, especially because people sang the part "sneak away to the Philippines" with so much joy. Everyone was going crazy over it.

What does Britney mean to you?  

I was (still am) a total Britney fangirl at that time in my life when I was such a tomboy. She made me the beks that I am now. LOL.

Has the show changed you in any way?

Not in any profound, life-changing way, no, but one has to pay her respects to the queen, and I'm glad this happened. I certainly would've seen her anyway, I would've made that happen, because she's one of the top three acts I want to see live before I die. I'll always attribute that pop-loving, glitter-wearing, and fearless dancing side of me to Britney Spears, and there's just no other music that's more fun to me. 

Lei Gratuito, @BritneyinManila admin


Britney fan since: I knew her when she first came out but I became a solid fan when I was in fifth grade. My mom gave me a CD of Live in Vegas concert.

How did you get tickets? Online. Good thing I saved [money], right in time for the ticket selling.

Time-in at the venue: I arrived at around 1PM. I was meeting some Britney Army friends for the first time. I had a chance to meet Brit's dancers too!

At what point did you start crying: I first cried when Brit tweeted she's already in Manila. At the show, I saw her walking onstage and I cried like a baby. Also had a good cry on the last song, because I did not want it to end.

Favorite Britney song: I have so many fave songs. From the new album, "Slumber Party" is my jam!

Favorite song performed live: Piece of Me during the show was insane! Fans went crazy singing "sneak away to the PHILIPPINES!"

What does Britney mean to you?  

She's special for me. It's hard to explain, really. I love her not only as an international superstar but also as a human and a mom.

Has the show changed you in any way?

Yes, it surely did. It's a dream come true because we waited for this concert for a long time. The BEST concert I have ever attended!

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Special thanks to Wilbros Live for inviting us to the show!