Bruno Major talks Asia tour, producing music for other artists, and how writing songs is like real magic

Bruno Major talks Asia tour, producing music for other artists, and how writing songs is like real magic

Bruno Major has a song for every moment of bliss, every butterfly fluttering in your stomach, and every moon.

Having toured with 'Too Good At Goodbyes' singer Sam Smith, the North London-based artist has flocked to several cities and played his music live to thousands of people, as his songs gain millions of plays on streaming platforms. 

Bruno Major is headed to Manila next week for his back-to-back concert with Jess Connelly at Karpos Live Mix 3.2. Bandwagon caught up with the 'Easily' singer ahead of his visit to Philippine shores to talk about his ongoing tour, what it's like working with other artists, and how writing music is like real magic.


Hows your Asia tour treating you so far?

This continent is so crazy. It’s obviously massive, but it’s so different to where I come from. It’s been information overload, but I’m having the best time.

How would you describe your live performances?

With my band it’s pretty loud and a lot of guitar solos—these solo shows are more intimate and cozy.

If you had to choose—Being in the studio working on new tunes or traveling the world performing the same songs? Why?

After a while it gets tiring playing the same tunes. I don’t know how bands go on tour for three years playing the same album. I’ve done one year, and I’m ready to move on now. I love these songs, but I want to make more music now. If I had to pick, I think making the music is the most rewarding part, it’s like real life magic.

What moments get you writing new songs?

Sometimes they just pop into my head fully formed. Sometimes it can be something somebody says, or a concept in a film or a book. Whatever I’m writing about normally happened a few months back, it takes a while to internalize and process your feelings into songs.

What’s it like producing music for other artists?

If they’re talented, it’s super fun! I just produced a debut single for a new artist called Eloise. It’s called ‘You Dear’ and she is brilliant. Go listen!

Watch Bruno Major perform 'Just The Same':

Karpos Live is Karpos Multimedia's new live music series featuring a mix of Filipino and international artists. Karpos Live Mix 3 continues on October 23 with Mix 3.2 featuring Jess Connelly and Bruno Major and Mix 3.3. with UDD and Cigarettes After Sex.

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