BTS fans celebrate V's birthday by donating to charities, adopting tigers, building schools, planting trees, and more

BTS fans celebrate V's birthday by donating to charities, adopting tigers, building schools, planting trees, and more


The end of December doesn't just bring the holidays, it also brings V's birthday!

On 30 December, the BTS member—whose real name is Kim Taehyung—is celebrating his 26th birthday and ARMY all over the world are celebrating alongside him. From adopting tigers to building primary schools, BTS fans are going all out for the 'Snow Flower' act's big day.

Ahead of his actual birthday, V himself stopped by one of the birthday projects in Seoul, sharing the moment with fans via Instagram Story.


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Check out how ARMY are celebrating V's birthday below. 

Tiger Adoption

Ahead of V's birthday, Malaysian ARMY adopted a White Tiger from Ampang's Zoo Negara to celebrate the singer. They are also gathering donations to care for the tiger—who they named 'Kim Taehyung'. This comes as one of the many birthday projects the fanclub Taehyung Malaysia have organised this year. 


Billboards are a must for any K-pop birthday, and ARMY definitely did not disappoint for V's birthday. From a special doll display called TaeTae Land in Seoul to large murals in Uruguay to city buses, fans are spreading the birthday cheer everywhere!

Primary Schools

In line with BTS' vision of empowering young people, Chinese BTS fans, in partnership with China Youth Development Foundation, have organised fundraisers to build the Taehyung Hope Primary School to provide education to young children in rural China. 

The project first started in July 2020 for the singer's 25th birthday. Following the successful project, the Chinese fanclub Baidu V Bar are set to build another school in V's name. 


What's a birthday without gifts? But, instead of presents to V himself, ARMY are giving gifts to those in need.

From providing aid to underprivileged children and the homeless and supporting people with disabilities, to raising funds for animal shelters, fans have organised an array of charity projects to celebrate the BTS member. 

Forest Fundraisers

Canadian ARMY has a project right up the 'Winter Bear' act's alley. Titled Taehyung's Grove, this fan project is gathering funds to plant trees in Northern British Columbia to help provide shelter for animals. 

BTS are currently on an "official extended period of rest" after the success of their sold-out Permission To Dance On Stage in LA concerts earlier this month. 

Check out V's latest track 'Christmas Tree' here: