BugAboo on overcoming their fears with their self-titled debut

BugAboo on overcoming their fears with their self-titled debut

BugAboo have broken out of their shells with a story to tell and are ready for the world to meet them.

Bursting with a playful energy you can't ignore, A Team Entertainment's rookie girl group arrived against a spooky name this past October. They make long strides with confidence, having delivered a self-titled debut single, produced by K-Pop songwriter Ryan Jhun, that sees them overcome their fears as they serve jaw-dropping dance moves.

"It tells the story of six ordinary girls entering a new world through a school bus and overcoming their traumas expressed as ghosts," the group shares about the visual for their debut offering. "This music video represents our worldview really well, so I hope you enjoy and watch it closely."


Bandwagon had a chat with BugAboo about making their debut, the challenges they've faced to get here, and what they hope to offer the K-Pop scene.

Hi bugAboo, congratulations on your debut! After years of training and preparing for this day, how do you guys feel now that you’ve debuted and get to officially greet your fans?

Choyeon: I am beyond happy that I was able to debut as bugAboo along with our six members I have trained with for a long time. It still feels unreal and I am very thankful for all the love we have received even though it has only been such a short time since our debut. I want to work hard and show my fans our growth in the future. 

Yoona: I am very happy to have debuted and to have many fans who love Yoona (me) and bugAboo. 

Zin: Because we have practiced for a long time, it is twice the excitement to finally meet the fans. I look forward to presenting more growth as Zin of bugAboo in the future. 

Rainie: As much as I have waited for this day, I was very happy and nervous. Now that we can meet our fans and present our unique music, I am looking forward to it!

Cyan: It feels like a dream and I am so happy since this is the moment that I have been waiting and waiting for. It hasn’t even been very long since our debut, but to be loved so much- I am very thankful. 

Eunchae: It feels like I am dreaming every day. Because this was something I have always dreamt for, I still can’t believe it!

What was the process like preparing for your debut? What were some challenges and highlights you faced leading up to your debut? 

Choyeon: It was the toughest when our debut felt so close, yet it wasn’t. I had many trainee friends and as they debuted one by one... I wondered, “Why am I still in the same position?” and those were the moments that motivated me to focus and work harder.

Eunchae: The uncertainty of the future was the toughest for me. Will I get to debut? Will I be able to succeed? I had many worries and the anxiety of constantly living in a repetitive routine, that was the toughest. 

Yoona: While preparing for the debut, the toughest part was piecing our performances to look good together as a team rather than just our own individual dance styles. 

Zin: I was most frustrated when I saw myself plateauing rather than improving. As a perfectionist, experiencing the slump that everyone experiences during training, that was truly the most difficult time for me.

Tell us what bugAboo represents and what you hope to bring to the K-pop scene. 

Choyeon: BugAboo is about overcoming the fearful, extraordinary presence in our imagination and mind together and making dreams come true. It also means "to surprise" in another sense and like this meaning of BugAboo, we want to be a team that surprises the K-pop world.

Could you tell us more about your songs ‘BugAboo’ and ‘All Night Play’? What does each song mean to you and what story does it tell?

Choyeon: 'bugAboo' is a song our producer, Ryan Jhun first produced for us with an energetic, addictive melody and you can also enjoy our dynamic choreography. bugAboo tells the story of ordinary girls who meet a new world and overcome their traumas. As it is the title song of our debut album, we think of it as the most precious, unforgettable song of our lives. The b-side track song, ‘All Night Play’ is a song with an exciting melody and free-spirited lyrics that you can feel the charms of energetic bugAboo. It contains the story of individuals overcoming their traumas and celebrating with a fun party! 

What's it like working with Ryan Jhun?

Eunchae: I am so happy and honored! I have always loved his songs, so it is such an honor to be able to debut with his song.

Choyeon: I think we were able to quickly grow to become the bugAboo we are today because he has shaped and helped us on our shortcomings and areas of improvement.

Yoona: It is really cool to see his remarkable versatility when he works with us as a songwriter versus a father-like presence. I am always admired by his professionalism.

Rainie: When recording with him, I was a bit nervous at first, but then was really touched by his patience in directing and providing a lot of great feedback. It was really fun working with him!

Cyan: It was so much fun! It was really cool to hear the songs he wrote and to be directed on what kind of feelings and emotions were needed during the recording. It was interesting to feel something new for each song.

Tell us more about the concept behind the music video for ‘BugAboo’.

Choyeon: Like the meaning of bugAboo, it tells the story of six ordinary girls entering a new world through a school bus and overcoming their traumas expressed as ghosts. This music video represents our worldview really well, so I hope you enjoy and watch it closely.

What message do you hope to tell your fans through your music? 

Choyeon: By showing how we overcome our trauma (in other words, bugAboo), we wanted to show you that we, as ordinary people, did this too. So we wanted to show you the possibility that you can too and to give you the unique positive energy of bugAboo. 

Rainie: I hope you all can overcome the fear in your heart and we, bugAboo will grow together with you!

What are some of the goals that you hope to achieve together? What is your biggest dream for BugAboo?

Choyeon: I hope we win the Best New Artist award which is something I have always dreamed of since my trainee days. Fortunately, our debut song made the chart and I hope our upcoming songs also make the top in the music chart. Ultimately, I hope that bugAboo songs resonate throughout the world. 

Yoona: My big dream is to create a genre called, bugAboo and the goal is to make our group known to everyone wherever we go and to become the group loved by people. 

Rainie: First of all, I want to introduce bugAboo to a lot of people and to win first place on a music show within a year! And I want to perform at the End of the Year stage with our members.

What can we expect from BugAboo in the next year?

Cyan: We hope you will look forward to our unique performances and more improved and experienced version of us next year. 

Yoona: We really hope to win the Best New Artist award and show up to give happiness to those who have been waiting for us, not just in Korea, but abroad! 

Zin: We have shown you our stronger minds and performances, so we now want to show you our different charms!

Rainie: Starting next year, we want to show you our different looks and variety of bugAboo, so stay tuned! 

Eunchae: We hope you look forward to our more powerful performances and skills as we immerse ourselves more into our concepts and characters! 

Choyeon: As we are still in the early stages of our debut, we will continue showing our fans our growth in many ways and become the proud artists who give our fans joy and hope with our bright energy.