Carousell supports local creative freelancers with new initiative, 'MADE in SG'

Carousell supports local creative freelancers with new initiative, 'MADE in SG'

There is now an additional resource for local creatives who find themselves struggling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

COVID-19 resources for creatives

Carousell and the Singapore Brand Office (SGBO) have teamed up, working with local support group SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group to launch 'MADE in SG', a campaign to support freelancers and professionals in the Media, Arts, Design and Entertainment industry amidst COVID-19. 'MADE in SG' is a new initiative on Carousell that offers all creatives free exposure to sell their works and services on the platform. 

Creatives may also receive a CarouBiz (Carousell for Business) Starter Pack that provides them with 3 months of Caroubiz subscription and $100 in Carousell coins, which they can use in exchange for greater visibility and data-backed insights of their listings.

“As a homegrown company, we are stepping up to support the members of the M.A.D.E community in Singapore (...) With 1 in 4 Singaporeans using our app every month, MADE in SG will give freelancers the reach, visibility, and means to provide online classes, digital services, and sell their creative works to our users," shares Marcus Tan, co-founder of Carousell. 


Dr Claire Tan, the Director of the SGBO adds: “The MADE in SG project is our way of standing alongside those battling difficult times in the creative industry. We hope this will encourage them to stay strong and continue their passions even during this difficult time.” 

Support our local creatives here

Here are some products and services you can support: 

@hairspray (Amanda Ong) - Customised acapella arrangements, audio files of original songs and covers

MADE in SG Carousell Amanda Ong

@ska15 - Guitar Pick Holders

MADE in SG Carousell Guitar Pick Holders

@luna.stria - Music lessons 

MADE in SG Carousell Music lessons

@shanthecellist (Loh Hsiao Shan) - Cello lessons

loh hsiao shan made in sg carousell cello

@mendozajustinkl - Music composition

MADE in SG Carousell Hip Hop Music Composition

@iamjoel.low - Vocal lessons

MADE in SG Carousell Joel Low Vocal Lessons

@sgmusic (SOMA) - Livestreaming and recording bundle

MADE in SG Carousell Livestreaming & Recording bundle

@jadekerr - Vocal lessons

MADE in SG Carousell Jade Vocal Lessons

@joanna_ysm - Piano lessons

MADE in SG Carousell Piano Lessons

@kevmarzio - Guitar lessons

MADE in SG Carousell Guitar lessons