Fonticello embraces the cello in rock music with debut EP

Fonticello embraces the cello in rock music with debut EP

Yogyakarta may or probably should boast its musicians at work today: the pianist Frau, the prog-pop Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief, the crafty Senyawa (okay, this is my third time, I'll stop).

Now Rooftopsound Records is proud to announce the city's next source of pride: the cello-rock trio Fonticello with a self-titled new 6-song EP to boot.

Fonticello is Angga Pratala (lead cello & vocals), Hasnan (rhythm, riff cellos, vocals), dan Dior (low cello). Recorded from 2014-2015, Trio Cellis has its shares of collaborators: Vicky Mano from Burgerkill, Arga from Arkenstoned and Bemby Gusti from Sore.

These three guys have one specific thing in mind: To bring cello into the rock fold -- a field traditionally allergic to the instrument taking the lead. If played correctly, then the music will bring "drama, thrill, spirit and grace fof the sonatas without leaving behind the expansion of the classic regime."

Fonticello have been around since 2014 and this marks their first EP. Their first single, 'Binal,' was released back in 2014.

Listen to Fonticello and take a look at this sick cover art below: