Channel your inner dancefloor demon or sappy songbird with the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless

Channel your inner dancefloor demon or sappy songbird with the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless

It always begins with a song, that one song. What began as casual listening turns into your go-to track when someone hands you the aux cord, and before you know it, you’re forty and walking down the wedding aisle in an Elvis suit you rented, your sense of self so attached to the king of rock 'n' roll you mutter wedding vows in his (gorgeous) baritone. 

We’re telling you, this is as real an affliction as it gets. Regardless, the next time you’re grooving out as your hero, the perfect gear makes all the difference to fully immerse yourself in the experience, elevating your persona to Las Vegas-esque impersonator levels.

Here are 5 other artists that will help you get your way there.


Channel your inner crybaby - BEN&BEN

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Whether you’ve recently gone through the pains and turmoil of a breakup or can’t seem to muster up the courage to tell your crush that you like them, immerse yourself in a blanket of tears and all the feels by singing your heart out to BEN&BEN for hours on end. 

Your crying session or even your everything-hurts-so-I’m-just-going-to-scream-lyrics session may go on for another hour or two, and the last thing you need is your earphones dying out on you. So luckily, with Sennheiser’s CX Plus True Wireless, you can sing your heart out for hours – literally, it has up to 24-hour battery life

Channel your inner dancefloor demon - crwn

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These days are still looking bleak with very limited live shows going on around the region. It’s been almost two years and we definitely miss the mosh pits, the vibrations from the speakers, and those late nights without gigging, dancing the night away.

While we’re still waiting, we’re not sitting around anymore wishing for the life we had and instead of recreating those adrenaline-filled moments we so truly miss with what we have. So, we’re turning up crwn and his funky beats - through the earbuds’ Bass Boost and German-made TrueResponse Transducer features, living our best groovy festival fantasy is no longer an unreachable reality (in your PJs or in your living room, you decide). Replicate the sounds of the big stage on a personal level.

Channel all the world’s nonchalance and independence - Yuna

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Sometimes, you just need to go through life just being unapologetically yourself, caring about no one’s business but your own. For moments like this – which should ideally encompass most of your days, channel your inner Yuna. 

A queen in her own right, the Malaysian singer-songwriter has never been one to adhere to societal pressures, constantly paving her own way through life and music – and honestly, that’s the energy we need. So armoured with our True Wireless earbuds and its Active Noise Cancellation feature, we’re staying in the zone, getting that bread, and en route to conquer

Channelling your inner chill - lewloh

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It’s a rainy day; you’re running around town catching multiple trains to meet your long list of appointments. It’s tough and immensely tiring - but it doesn’t have to be when you have the soothing sounds of lewloh to wash the fatigue away. Be upended by everything the compelling singer-songwriter has to offer - known for his dreamy ballads of longing, love, and missing that significant other, lewloh makes the perfect accompaniment to transport your weary-self out of your manic schedule, and into a world of deep emotion.

We know, we know, you need to hear that train announcement, cross that busy intersection, or snag yourself a mid-day snack for your chill. All thanks to the CX Plus True Wireless earbuds’ Transparency Mode feature, fret not, for bouncing into and out of your tracks are but a press on your earphones away. Say goodbye to removing your earbuds when the cashier hurriedly asks if you'd like to pay with cash or card, then dive right back into it - it's all chill.

Channel your loudest karaoke kink - Gentle Bones

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Everyone needs a good marathon sing-sesh now and again. Whether that’s karaoke in bed, while the coffee’s brewing, or cranking it up to release the day’s angst - there aren’t many things that top belting an emotional ballad or two.

Arguably one of Singapore’s most talented singer-songwriters, let the lush sounds of Gentle Bones be the soundtrack of your release as you meander through life’s journeys. With his new album, you won’t be limited to just slow-grooves, either. With massive collaborations from the region, the enigmatic artist has released a banger of a debut album after 8 years of extensive experience. Change of mood? No need to whip out your device - with the earbud’s customisable touch controls, on top of the Sennheiser Smart Control application the next song and playlist is but a tap away.

Now that you’re well-versed in the art of impersonation and armed with the necessary attitudes, go out there with your Sennheisers' and tackle life by the horns.

The Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless retails for SGD$259 in Singapore, and ₱10,599.00 in the Philippines, and is available at respective online stores and authorised retail outlets. To find out more, head on over to Sennheiser’s official online stores in Singapore and Philippines.

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