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Charlie Lim explores new electronic ground with 'Zero-Sum' – listen

Charlie Lim explores new electronic ground with 'Zero-Sum' – listen

Singaporean singer-songwriter Charlie Lim has released a new track titled 'Zero-Sum'

Charlie puts his latest UK Garage influences on full display in the track, which sees the singer channeling the likes of Sam Smith in his collaboration with Disclosure on 'Omen', albeit significantly stripped down. Yeo, who produced Lim's prior single, 'Welcome Home', lends a hand here as well and the two find the perfect balance between Charlie's polished vocals and bass and synths to create one of Charlie's best tracks. 

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'Zero-Sum' seamlessly fits in with the latest string of singles that Charlie has put out recently and if that's any indication of what his upcoming album is going to sound like, we're all for it. 

Check out the song below. 

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