Charlie Lim ponders human nature's fickleness in new Katz collaboration 'Forgetting' — listen

Charlie Lim ponders human nature's fickleness in new Katz collaboration 'Forgetting' — listen

Longtime friends and collaborators Charlie Lim and Melbourne-based songwriter/producer Katz have unveiled a bittersweet new single titled 'Forgetting' on 23 June. 

The alt-electropop track comes off Katz's sophomore EP 'Only You', which is slated to be released on 13 August. Previously, the two artists had collaborated on the highly-acclaimed, sentimental tune 'Hollow' in 2018, which has since garnered more than two million streams on Spotify. 

'Forgetting' harmoniously blends Charlie's signature falsetto vocals with Katz's pop-driven production, creating a sonic masterpiece that invites listeners into pondering more deeply into the song's central themes.


"Lyrically, ‘Forgetting’ is about how irrational and fickle human nature can be - chasing after fleeting feelings and letting history repeat itself, which, paradoxically, is also the very thing that keeps us going," shared Charlie. 

An accompanying live performance video premiered on local music zine NEVERMIND's site a day before the song's official release. It features a stripped-down rendition of the track that was recorded in the artists' individual studios in Singapore and Melbourne. 


The artistic duo first met each other more than a decade ago while studying music in Melbourne's Monash University, where they frequently played in each other's bands.

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"There’s a level of trust that comes from years of friendship and playing together which has allowed us to be really honest and productive as collaborators,” said Katz.

Listen to 'Forgetting' by Katz featuring Charlie Lim on Spotify: