CineIndieFest 2014: No Audition Blues


Taking part in any sort of competition may warrant anxiety, extreme awkwardness, and general discomfort in anyone. Sweaty palms, the chance you'll stumble horribly somewhere, and over thinking - you've seen it in all the films, the American Idol series, even on Masterchef. But here, take away the claustrophobic audition rooms, do without the expectations of a television show and ratings, manage without mean judges breathing down your necks. Keep calm because it is time for CineIndieFest, the music and fashion highlight of the youthful and iconic Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

What's in it for you is the chance that you might just win the top prize (an attractive $3000), performing right in the heart of Orchard Road, and the opportunity to be judged and mentored by three in-the-know judges; singer-composer-music producer Don Richmond, resident heartthrob and crooner Nathan Hartono, and our very own Bandwagon boss and part-time musician Clarence Chan! 


Open auditions begin July 5 at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, where you get all of 10 minutes to showcase your musical talent. 12 Semi-finalists will then be shortlisted and later on assigned to a mentor judge. The journey beyond will unfold in the next month when the Finals will be held on August 2 between 8 last-standing bands. 

How to enter

The contestants will be judged on three main things: Creativity & Originality, Stage Presence & Showmanship, and Versatility. But don't be nervous, you're in pretty good hands with these judges. To take your mind of nerves, here are some of the oddest and weirdest auditions that have happened around the world - you couldn't get any stranger than this, we're sure of that!

How To Turn The Tables at The Audition 

1. Mispronounce the entire song 

2. Be sassy to all the judges

3. Being very, very, very (too) confident 

4. Do a crazy dance

5. Surprise the judges