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WATCH: Clara Benin Debuts Enthralling Acoustic Cover of “Tila”

WATCH: Clara Benin Debuts Enthralling Acoustic Cover of “Tila”

Clara Benin just released a beautifully shot, raw and acoustic video version of “Tila” — a song from her latest EP, Riverchild, earlier today. It delicately captures the song’s soaring yet ultimately melancholic sound.

Following her stripped-down acoustic version of “Closure” (a hit track from her debut album Human Eyes) last July, the indie folk-pop artist hinted at her collaboration with Grilled Cheese Studios. Today, she jumped on Facebook and Twitter  to let her fans know that the new video was expected to drop at noon and also teased a photo from the set, which saw her standing with her signature acoustic guitar surrounded by trees — giving an earthy Sunday summer feel.

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The video follows the 22-year-old songstress through a cinematic nature backdrop as she sings the emotional song in the calm and peaceful manner she’s known for. The hit maker gets into the music exposing her raw and angelic vocals which ultimately always feel like a lullaby, while the visuals perfectly encapsulate the ethereal quality of the poignant track.

All in all, the video is simplistic, just Benin and her guitar standing in what looks like an isolated  place playing her instrument and singing, but it’s pretty effective seeing as the entire song matches the vibe of how it was filmed.

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