Gus Albor and CRWN inspire audiences and aspiring artists at Creative Nights – photo gallery

Gus Albor and CRWN inspire audiences and aspiring artists at Creative Nights – photo gallery

Creative Nights opened with music and fine art enthusiasts flocking to the Ayala Museum last Friday (02/08) to witness the collaboration of visual artist and flutist Gus Albor and Filipino producer-beatmaker CRWN before their very eyes.

CRWN warmed up the crowd with tracks from his 2018 beat tape Orchid, while the audience swayed to his tunes with Barik Supremo Lambanog at hand. Other attendees sat at the Creative Station to create their own artistic collaborations with their friends and loved ones. Albor subsequently took the stage, which was mounted in partnership between Ayala Museum and Bandwagon Philippines, with his flute and jammed with famed guitarist Kowboy Santos and percussionist Wam Molina. His exhibit Territory, which features a collection of works from 1969 - 2018, was then opened for viewing, behind the stage and the third floor of the museum.

Check out the photos from Creative Nights below.


Gus Albor prepping his flute for the night's performance.

The artist walks around the gallery to serenade his works of art.

CRWN hangs out with Ayala Museum's resident doggo, Aiza.

CRWN's King Puentespina taking in some sun before heading for soundcheck.

Creative Nights kicks off with choice cuts from CRWN's 2018 mixtape, Orchid.

Guests create their own collaborative artworks to the beats of CRWN.

Gus Albor joins CRWN onstage.

Gus Albor takes the stage to showcase his other passion, music.

Guitarist Kowboy Santos and percussionist Wam Molina jam with Gus Albor on flute.

Art fans make their masterpieces to live music by the Creative Nights combo.

CRWN takes a quick break before heading back onstage.   

CRWN and Gus Albor begin their music and art collaboration.

Kowboy Santos and Wam Molina head back onstage to soundtrack Gus Albor's painting, alongside CRWN.

Gus Albor inspects his artwork before heading back onstage to jam with the Creative Nights combo.

Photo by Jeremy Caisip

CRWN, Wam Molina, Gus Albor, and Kowboy Santos pose for a few photos after their performance. (Photo by Jeremy Caisip)

With the museum open till 10 PM, guests found time to explore the rest of Gus Albor's Territory exhibit.

While some guests continued their creative pursuits at the Creation Station, others drank the night away with bottles of Barik Supremo Lambanog.

Creative Nights with Gus Albor and CRWN was a collaboration between Ayala Museum and Bandwagon Philippines.

Special thanks to Barik Supremo Lambanog.