Daisuke Tanabe reimagines Intriguant's 'Recluse' - listen

Daisuke Tanabe reimagines Intriguant's 'Recluse' - listen

In 2016, Intriguant released his debut album Recluse. The 10-tracker is a marvel of compositionally dazzling, deep-burrowing, cerebral music. Two years on, esteemed Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe lends golden his touch to the album’s title track.

Tanabe is faithful to the source material but not in any way shackled to it. He takes it in a wholly new direction but honours the sanctity of its origins. Both are unquestionably shrouded and nocturnal in their essence but also worlds apart.

Intriguant’s 'Recluse' slaps hard, with high-in-the-mix kick drums around which ominous string-led harmonies unspool. It’s both hypnotic and otherworldly. But in Tanabe’s universe, the 'Recluse' is a more hushed presence. Throughout, an angelic coo conveys a filigreed sworl of bass and drums to its end. Everything here is airy, but in a ghostly and implacably beautiful way. 

Listen to it below.

Revisit Recluse below.