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Tickets for Daniel Caesar's Singapore show are all sold out

Tickets for Daniel Caesar's Singapore show are all sold out

It didn't take long — seven minutes in total, to be exact.

Daniel Caesar's debut concert in Singapore, to be held on March 13th, had tickets on sale today at 1pm on ticketing platform iGo. According to co-promoters Collective Minds, all tickets were sold out within seven minutes of the public sale.

"Hello everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience," they write on the event page. "But this show has now SOLD OUT this wasn't a glitch - tickets sold out in 7 mins. With 5000 people trying to access the page. We will keep you updated if more tickets go on sale! Thanks so much for your support. Again we apologies [sic] to those that weren't able to purchase tickets."

While scalpers appear to be nowhere in sight, there are plenty of WTB (want to buy) listings on Carousell by fans who missed out on the brief ticket sale.

There's no word if the show will be moved to a bigger venue, but as it is right now, Caesar's Singapore debut will remain at The Pavilion, Far East Square.

Watch the official music video for Daniel Caesar's 'Freudian':


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