Back to school essentials: 10 excellent earphones under $100 you should get

Back to school essentials: 10 excellent earphones under $100 you should get

August marks the dreaded back to school season for many and sometimes the only thing that can make that a little bit more tolerable is music.

For all the new music coming out every week, a pair of cheap, lousy earphones definitely won't cut it. Here's a list of the best earphones/headphones you can get for under S$100.

All prices mentioned in SGD are officially stated by authorized distributors. 

Marshall Mode

Price: S$94

Marshall has always been synonymous with rock music and with their line of headphones, they stay true to servicing the genre. Whilst providing pristine sound quality across the board for many types of music, this pair of earphones really stand out when it comes to guitar-driven tracks. 

Final Audio E2000

Price: S$69

The only notable difference between the E2000 and its big brother E3000, apart from the price, are the looks and sound quality. The E2000 has a matte black aluminum body while the E3000 has a polished stainless steel body.

In regards to the sound, the E2000 has slightly less of a kick compared to its sister model, but it does exceedingly well against other brands in its price range. The E2000s provide an impressively balanced sound, so these will work just fine with any genre of music.

Klipsch S3M

Price: S$69

Klipsch has been pumping out quality earphones for years — while it is noticeably cheaper than the rest of the brand's models, the S3M holds up just fine. The S3M delivers brilliant clarity, outlining lots of detail for such inexpensive earbuds. They also do an admirable job of delineating individual instruments for a detailed and wide soundstage.


Price: S$50

The VSONIC brand has been reputed for their special line of excellent-sounding earphones that never break the bank. The VSD2S flaunts this tradition with aplomb — mids shine in jazz and classical tracks, while pop songs are given a decent boost in clarity. Bass extension? Not out of this world, but at S$50, you best believe they're worth at least twice the price.

Jabra Step Wireless

Price: S$69

The Jabra Step Wireless is a more than decent Bluetooth option with impressive stereo sound and good battery life. With sturdy build quality and such great sound quality, this wireless earphone set is as good as it gets for its price range. 

Philips SHB3060BK Wireless

Price: S$79.90

The first pair of on-ear headphones in our list, the Philips SHB3060BK Wireless is sleek and comfortable — but more importantly, it has amazing sound quality at its price range, especially for a pair of wireless cans.

Time has been kinder to such technology, and wireless isn't the dirty word for audiophiles as it once was. It also has a mic, remote buttons, and an ergonomic foldable design.


Price: S$69

The Sony MDRZX110NC is perfect for students who need the extra help with silencing background noise for arduous study sessions. Highly touted for its pristine bass, mids, and treble, these lightweight headphones reduce ambient noise by 95%, so all you’ll hear is the music. Plus, you can listen for longer periods with 80 hours of battery life for its noise-cancelling functions.

UrbanEars Active Reimers

Price: S$68

Comfortable fit, powerful sound, reliable inline remote, and an attractive design to boot. The Urbanears Active Reimers are a colourful and affordable pair of bass-forward earphones. 

Sennheiser MX686G Sports

Price: S$90

Sennheiser's MX686G Sports builds upon the excellent sound quality that is synonymous with the brand while also dishing out affordability and style. The MX686G deliver nice, thumpy bass without going overboard to muddy up any well-produced. A pair for the gym.


Price: S$79.90

The JBL T450BT is an upgrade of the T450. It is a Bluetooth headset that performs way beyond its price range. The sound is even greater when compared to the T450, the sounds are clear and pristine and it looks even better without the wires. Definitely worth it.