ENHYPEN find their calling in new mini-album 'MANIFESTO: DAY 1' — listen

ENHYPEN find their calling in new mini-album 'MANIFESTO: DAY 1' — listen


ENHYPEN are back!

The seven-membered group have returned with their 3rd mini-album, MANIFESTO: DAY 1 which kicks off a new era in their music. 

"MANIFESTO: DAY 1 is a story about boys that question the concept of success defined by adults and that will no longer live as they are told but instead search for their own answers. It's about our own desire to live our life without being swayed by the world," said Jungwon, in a press conference held ahead of the album drop. 


The mini-album features six tracks, all of which feature an array of genres and sounds. The record's lead track 'Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)' 

"'Future Perfect' is a genre that is quite new to the K-pop scene called Chicago drill. It contains the story of seven boys who realise their sense of calling and declare their leap forward. As the title 'Pass the MIC' implies, it contains a powerful message that we will pass the mic to our peers and light the fire of our future together," said Sunghoon

"There is a verb tense in English called future perfect, and the song is about how our connection will go further in the promised future so that's why it's called 'Future Perfect'. The melody and lyrics are pretty powerful but the title and meaning behind is very hopeful and positive," said Jungwon. 

"The song conveys a desire to be heroes. When you see the protagonist in a superhero movie, you see them try and prove their worth as a hero and grow amidst adversity. So, the song conveys our bold resolution and determination that we deserve to be loved through our skills and capabilities and use our power not only for ourselves but for others as well.," added Jay

The mini-album also includes an array of highlight tracks including 'Walk The Line' which shares the same title as a song from ENHYPEN's 2020 EP BORDER: DAY ONE. The track symbolises the group's desire to stray away from the line that's been paved for them and instead carve out their own path. 

MANIFESTO: DAY ONE also includes 'Shout Out', an alternative rock song that Jake co-wrote and dedicates to ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans), 'Foreshadow', a dark and hopeful track that features narrations in Korean, English, and Japanese, 'ParadoXXX Invasion', an old school hip-hop song that takes a swipe at adults who think teenagers are immature, and 'TFW', a soft, sentimental track about youthful romance. 

MANIFESTO: DAY 1 follows the releases of the group's highly praised album, DIMENSION: ANSWER which included their viral track 'Tamed-Dashed'.

Listen to ENHYPEN's MANIFESTO: DAY 1 here.