Epic Rap Battles

People fight all the time. That's what people do. Real time fighting with real weapons, mandingo-style fighting, girl-fighting with hair-tugging, passive aggressive girl-fighting, social media fighting - they all can be so mean. Now, if you're gonna hurt some feelings and get your hands dirty, at least do it with some flair - rap battle style. 

For some it's serious business and they went ahead to make a legit league for those who enjoy engaging in rap battles. And then there's historical rap battles that are both comedic and also educational. We've compiled a some of our favourite rap battle moments in musical history. You decide on which one is most epic! 


The most prominent one of all, it was probably our introduction to what rap battles are about. So basically you stand there and insult each other in rhyme and with a backing beat. Sounds almost Shakespearian if you ask me. In this final showdown, Rabbit (Eminem) was given the opportunity to take on the mic first and he pulls it off with class. Until he starts on the "F*ck the free word, f*ck a clock, f*ck a beat" - it just lost its intensity for me over there. 

Rap Battle Parody

We'll fish out the backstory for this one. This series of rap battle parodies revolve around a seemingly unbeatable rap artist called 'Supa Hot Fire' who claims he's 'not a rapper, so stop rapping at me'. Instead of the usual insults and jibes you get at a normal rap battle, this one revolves around absurdism and anti-jokes and the outcome is supa great. 

Rap Battle Parody Part II

In here you meet Mute Spittah. He's mute but he can rap. Continuing the absurdist style, this one is our favourite. 

Eli Porter vs Envy

"I'm the best mayne - I deeed it."

So many epic bits in this battle, it is impossible to explain. What started out as an innocent high school program ended up being a viral video on the interwebs. Let's start from the beginning with the host. Why is he talking like that and why are his hands on the judges? Moving on to Envy who rhymes 'cripple' with 'cripple' - genius. Then we get to Eli Porter who doesn't even wear his clothes correctly. The killer line, the longest pause in rap battle history, this entire video is ridiculous and pretty epic. 

Skrillex vs Mozart

Epic Rap Battles is a YouTube comedy series which also fronts as a (sort of) mini history lesson. Trawl through the list of videos they have and you'll find ones that make sense (Adam vs Eve) and ridiculously random ones (Easter Bunny vs Genghis Khan). Skrillex vs Mozart brings up some very valid arguments from both parties, chekkit. 

Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking raps in auto-tune. GOLD. That is all.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

Admit it, you wanna see this one happen for real. Or wanted it to happen when Mr Jobs still had a job... in life. I say this while I am typing on my whacked up MacBook Pro, hope you're all good over there Steve! 

While rap battles never happen on this island (probably legal reasons - slander, ie), we do have some pretty talented rap artists who incorporate the local in his rapping. This guy is ShiGGa Shay. French rap - I went through a phase, Japanese rap - we've heard it before. Singlish rap? Now that's something.