Escuri to take his Audio Tour to Malaysia

Escuri to take his Audio Tour to Malaysia

Jett Ilagan a.k.a. Escuri, is set to take his Audio Tour out of the country for the first time. The electronic musician is participating in this year's Johor Bahru Arts Festival in Malaysia.

Audio Tour with Escuri will be held on the 11th and 12th of November, starting at the Big Bites Cafe, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Escuri got the festival stint via a Malaysian artist he met last year during her visit to Manila. 

The Audio Tour is a project that explores the use of music or sound from a recording or electronic device as a language in touring or guiding the listeners about a specific location. This is a project that looks at places as unique spaces by doing an audio tour that will explore outdoor performance and alternative musical experience in relation with the environment.

Escuri also shares that he will be working with a visual artist for another segment in the festival. Kayleigh Goh, who has been sharing her art in Singapore, Malaysia and even Japan, will be facilitating Painting the Sound of Johor Baru, a workshop happening on the 12th of November that aims to teach how to interpret sound through the means of painting them. 

We'll be recording sounds around Johor Bahru a few days before the event, then the sounds we will have recorded will be played during the Audio Tour. So basically, the music I will create is based on my experiences and my interpretation of Malaysia. Then on her side, she will use the music I composed for her workshop. She will play my music during workshop, then she will interpret [the composition] together with her participants into visual form.

"I'm very excited to do the Audio Tour outside the country, but I guess what makes this JB Audio Tour project more interesting and different is the opportunity to collaborate with new people and discovering new places," Escuri adds. "I'm [also] very proud to represent my homeland through sound waves and frequency."

Watch Escuri's Audio Tour in UPLB:

Tickets for 'Audio Tour with Escuri are at RM 20.00. There is a limit of five to seven (5-7) participants per tour group. On the other hand, 'Painting the Sound of Johor Baru' workshop will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 PM and is limited to ten (10) participants aged 12 and above. Workshop fee is at RM 20.00. For more information, visit the 14th JB Arts Festival website.