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EXCLUSIVE: Darker Than Wax premieres new series 'Rekod', featuring William J

EXCLUSIVE: Darker Than Wax premieres new series 'Rekod', featuring William J

Darker Than Wax is stepping it up yet again. This time, the homegrown-but-world-impact next-level collective has its sights set on spotlighting on a deeper level cutting-edge artists, musicians and producers in Asia. With the newly minted series Rekod, you’ll get a front-row seat to how brightly some of the world’s hidden gems can gleam. The first salvo, which the DTW crew is premiering with us, features one its most valuable players, William J.

His amost-hour-long mix is a genre-spanning marvel of musicality, taste and meticulousness. Tall Black Guy and Delroy Edwards share real estate with the likes of Shanti Celeste, Omar S and Air Power. Front to back, it’s a dazzling curation of soulful sounds that move.

Listen to it below.

Here's the full track list:
Garrett - Sweet Dreams
Hotline - Can You Do It
Idiater Edwards - Loving Sweet Devotion
Munir - Veranda Grande
James Mason - Nightgruv (Unreleased Longer Edit)
Klubbhuset - Bare Feet
Sports Casual - Trackin 101
Tall Black Guy - Gifted People
Corky Traxman Strong - Freddie Goes To Philly
Omar S - Games That We Play
Keita Sano - There’s Only So Many Hours In A Day
Delroy Edwards - Defcon 5
Krewcial - Lifting Me Up
Alex Falk - DAB
Tee Mango - Enjoy What We Have
The Analogue Cops - Little Robot
Splendours - Risky
Wbeeza - Grove Park
DJ Heure - I Want To Be There
Shanti Celeste - Selector
Christopher Rau - Second Take
Denis Sulta - Saturday Nite
Air Power - Be Yourself
Panaché - Get Down To The Sweet Music
Leon Vynehall - Movements

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