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False Plaintiff release music video for 'Hive Mind' – watch

False Plaintiff release music video for 'Hive Mind' – watch

Local melodic hardcore band False Plaintiff have released a music video for their single 'Hive Mind'.

The single, which was released last June, speaks with painful honesty on the woes of working life in Singapore. False Plaintiff's lyrics are cuttingly real: "Bound to the 9 to 5 / 6, 7 ,8 or 9 / Feels like a mandatory struggle to just stay alive / Bound to a business plan for roof over our heads, a fairly decent paycheck and a life without protests." Any young person who's just only entering the workforce and feeling the pressure to give up their dreams and sense of freedom can relate.

The music video, which features the band playing the song in a house, is fairly simple, keeping the focus on False Plaintiff's anguished message.

Watch the music video for False Plaintiff's 'Hive Mind': 


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