Your guide to this year’s Fête de la Musique

Your guide to this year’s Fête de la Musique


Fête de la Musique is back this year to make the month of June more remarkable and exhilarating than ever!

Alliance Française de Manille, the Embassy of France to the Philippines, and Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines, in partnership with B-SIDE Productions, present the 24th Edition of Fête de la Musique in the country and promises three weekends full of great music and performances anytime and anywhere! Take your pick from all of Fête de la Musique’s exciting pocket stages with different times, venues, and line-ups - you're the boss here!

The festival will kick off on June 23 with two Main Stages in Makati. The Greenbelt 3 stage will feature performances by Ourselves the Elves, Hansom, Toni B., Bawal Clan x Butta B, Blue Rats, She’s Only Sixteen, Lustbass x Kat Agarrado, Pedicab, Orange and Lemons, Tarsius x BP Valenzuela and Red-I x Rastaro. August Wahh, Baihana, Basically Saturday Night, Hernandez Brothers x Planet Zips/Flow Arts PH, Lady I, Oh Flamingo!, Tukar Sinati feat. Radha, Brass Pas Pas with Pochoy Labog, Cheats, Kjwan, and Motherbass are set to take over the A-venue stage.


Post-Rock/Math Rock Stage

Time: June 23, 3 PM - June 24, 12 AM

Venue: Acceler8 Coworking - 111 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati

Line-upAOUIFools and FoesLuncheonThe RingmasterRun DorothyshawStomachineTarsiustide/editTom's StoryTrippy Oh!, Twin Lobster

There’s no need for long and complicated solutions to figure out whether or not you would enjoy this year’s Post-Rock/Math Rock Stage. This pocket stage which will feature post-rock and math rock can be easily equated to fun, multiplied to a thousand times! Enjoy this event brought to you by A Spur of the Moment Project and Acceler8 Coworking from 3 PM on June 23 to 12 AM on June 24 - no more, no less.

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Sideshow Stage

Time: June 23, 7 PM

Venue: 20:20/XX XX

Line-upLow Leaf (live), Babani Records (DJ set), Picanté Boys, The Grrs, Ed Croix, Tarantella, Major Chie, Bad Girls (Julianna Force x Karla), Shallah MonteroJennifer MizziNinyo x Meme, Jav/ x Mikko SantosMylessSaint Vincent and the Grenadines, Afamkilla (Dax Carnay), Dave Ruff, Brando, Red-i x Bins, Quark Henares, Mulan, Bruder

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New Wave Stage

Time: June 23, 3 PM - June 24, 12 AM

Venue: The Woodman’s Head, P. Burgos Street, Makati

Line-up:  Paranoid City, LVNA, The Harutaz, Bedbugz, Atomflot, No Last Song, Alter80's, The Cavern, Friday Ends, Veronica and I, Tey's Revenge, The Play Fountains, Lily Valium, Dream Kitchen, Mobster Manila, Meckology, Drivetrain

Bring back the beat that got you groovin’ in the past as the New Wave Stage relives the glory of the 80’s! Dance to the powerful sounds of the unforgettable era as if no one’s watching in this pocket stage presented by Obscure Tone Productions!

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Analog Stage

Time: June 23, 3 pm - June 24, 2 am

Venue: OTO

Line-up: MCL, Future Sweden, Alinep, Rocknrolla, Arbie Won, Sgt. Vez

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Rock Stage

Time: June 23, 4:30 pm

Venue: 121 Bar & Grille, Makati

Line-up: Army Of One, HUMDINGER, Return to Eden PH, 3/3, Blue Jean Junkies, Talata, The Riot Act, Blackout Aurora, The Five Five Itch, Top Junk, project zero, fuseboxx. 

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Time: June 23, 4pm - June 24 12 AM

Venue: Ebro St., Poblacion, Makati

Line-up: Basically Saturday Night (live), Hernandez Brothers (live), Badkiss, Bruder, Ayon, Tisha, BIN5

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Nu-Disco/Indie Electro Stage

Time: June 23, 4pm - June 24, 3 AM

Venue: The Belle & Dragon

Line-up: TBA

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Electronica Stage

Time: June 23, 4pm - June 24, 10 AM

Venue: TIME in Manila

Line-up: Muk, Randy Salvador, Arlyn Muñoz, Raphael Carbonell, Mica, Alinep, Jason Soong, Coox, Herb Cabral, Peps Laviña, Emel Rowe, Owens Sun, Marts Ballesca, JP Calderon, Sky Dominique, Martin Lugtu, Mr Marcus, Benj Orcino, Gabby Z, Roman Torosky, Evo Evolver, Ada Dub, Br3akingsilence, Ilka, Nights of Rizal, For You Insidious

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Reggae Stage

Time: June 23, 8 pm

Venue: B-Side

Line-up: Collie Herb, Dandimites, Dreadknot Used, Engkanto, Humble Sauce, Jah Dela Cruz, Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe, Lady-I, On The Spot, The Chongkeys, The Joyrides

Time: June 23, 9 pm

Venue: Cabin 420 Bar & Bistro

Line-up: Join The Club, Rox Puno, Veronica & I, Kai Atienza, Issa Rodriguez, Hans Dimayuga, Volts Vallejo

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FeteIndie2018 Stage

Time: June 23, 1 pm - June 24, 1 am

Venue: Riverside Studios

Line-up: The Ransom Collective, Ube Music, Asch, Dayaw, Clara Benin, Conscious & The Goodness, Cheats, Orange & Lemons, Ysanygo, The Ridleys, Munimuni, Shirebound and Busking, Ourselves the Elves, Farewell Fair Weather, Oh, Flamingo, Never the Strangers, Blind Stereo Moon, Nathan & Mercury, Dream Carousel, Lions and Acrobats, Ang Bandang Shirley, Flying Ipis, The Metro Fantastic, Mayonnaise

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Warner Music Stage

Time: June 23, 1 pm - June 24, 1 am

Venue: Social House

Line-up: Hilera, Firefalldown, Quest, Not Informed, Tevanny, Maryzark, Cheenee Gonzalez, AvayaDown, Stereodeal, Ben&Ben, Rob & The Hitmen, Brisom

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Blues Soul Funk Stage

Time: June 23, 4 PM - June 24, 4 AM

Venue: H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant Makati

Line-up: Flippin’ Soul Stompers, Katagarrdo, Toni B., Cosmic Love, Conscious and the Goodness, Rob & The Hitmen, Banna Harbera, The Cosmic Misfits, The General Strike, Mang Groove, Bita & The Botflies, The Big Beer Dippers, Ian Masaga & D Asylum Doctrates, Kosmikskala, Malana, Ian Lofamia Blues Band

This pocket stage promises to bring you music and performances from three different yet equally exceptional genres which will leave you in a daze. Hosted by H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant Makati and Mambo Rat Productions, the Blues Soul Funk Stage is waiting for you to join them in making a night to remember.

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Acoustic Stage

Time: June 23, 1:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Venue: ASpace Greenbelt, Makati

Line-up: Aia De Leon, The Ransom Collective, Reese Lansangan, Clara Benin, Cheenee Gonzalez, Yan Abelardo, Dane Hipolito x Keiko Necesario, Basti Artadi, Luna, Leanne & Naara, BP Valenzuela, She's Only Sixteen, JM Quiblat, Martti Franca, Rob & The HItmen, Mayonnaise, Julianne Tarroja

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Grunge Stage

Time: June 23, 4pm - June 24 2 AM

Venue: Mang Rudy's, Makati

Line-up: Save The Prophet, Monkey no Hero, Kadena, Talaarawan, The Sub, Arachnida, Riff@pips, Nevermind, Diesel, Moonburn, Cancer city, Lestercanon, Monster Lollipop, Kundiman electric, Stonedcigars, Spoke nipple, The Pools

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Ska Stage

Time: June 23, 4pm - June 24 12 AM

Venue: Alchemy Bistro Bar

Line-upTodo PasaNeighborsDandimitesMobster ManilaRocket PunchThe Upbeats SkaSteady Movin Beat, The Orange St.

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House Party Stage

Time: June 23, 10 PM - June 24, 4 AM

Venue: Black Market, Makati

Black Market Main Room Line-up:  XIII, Ize, Okik, Jess Milner, Galo Marquez, Platon

Mao Den Line-up: Chad Umali, Cedez, TCa$h, TZ, Yung Bawal & Chef Eazy, CC

Finders Keepers Line-up: Those Girls, Eduardo/Christi, Asela x Karlo V x Xtina Superstar, Boy Kills Robot, Joey Santos, Zerac 

This pocket stage comes with three more pocket stages - which assures you right away that you’re in for a treat! Nothing beats a house party with these three line-ups which are sure to get you on your feet and dancing the night away! Things are about to get lit in this House Party Stage so let your inner teen out and bring all your friends for a night of guaranteed fun and laughter!

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RNB Stage

Time: June 23, 6 PM - June 24, 1 AM

Venue: Z Hostel Philippines, Makati

Line-up: Cherry Malaya, Chillitees, Marga Jayy, Jazze Manuel. Bobby Skyz, Muri, Josh Adornado, Ralph Padiernos, Stephanie Ro

Lose yourself in rhythm and blues with this solid lineup for the RNB Stage in this year’s Fête de la Musique! Prepare for an entire night of pure R&B that will make your body sway, your heart race, and your head bop to the beat at this Makati pocket stage brought to you by Z Hostel Philippines!

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Bedroom Beats Stage (Earth, Sun & Moon)

Time: June 23, 6 PM - June 24, 2 AM

Venue:  Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen, Poblacion, Makati, YOI

Earth Stage Line-up: システム FAIRY, hands, limsum, Pamcy, crwn, Meh Shua, youngsleepyboi , Ayon, pillow talk 

Sun Stage Line-up: ビクター MKII , Lui,「 justo 」, Joey Santos, LONER, Olympía and Aries, Jason Dhakal & Jaime San Juan - dot.jaime, BEDSPACER, thrones., Nights of Rizal , LUSTBASS, Pure Mind Quiet Heart, U-Pistol and Moon Mask, TheBGNR, Washere, skymarines 

Moon Stage Line-up: spaaawn, santelmo, Jp Hill, Mocksmile, J LVL, Shape/Shift, $udo, Chinese Plastic Toys, LIKE ANIMALS, skinxbones, Similarobjects, vvvv, Floating Sound Nation, 

It’s time for URL to meet IRL in this 3-stage, 1 venue celebration with Fête de la Musique’s Bedroom Beats Stage. Bop to your favourite vaporwave, future funk, lofi-hiphop, post-R&B, and Internet music acts in this celebration of the new genre which stole the hearts of this new generation in this pocket stage presented by BuwanBuwan Collective  and Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen.

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Dream Pop Shoegaze Stage

Time: June 23, 2 PM - June 24, 12 AM

Venue: WOKby 4900, Makati

Line-up: GYHT, Identikit, The Insektlife Cycle, July XIV, The Last Great Auks, Megumi Acorda, Monochrome, Narcloudia, Pastilan Dong, PИZR, The Rave Tapes, Sanchez, Soft Pillow Kisses, Space Onigiri, The Strange Creatures, Unmute, We Are Imaginary, Yūrei

Furiosa and WOKby 4900 brings you to dreamland with this Fête de la Musique pocket stage! Get ready to celebrate the pomp and grandeur of dream pop, shoegaze and genres in-between in this year’s Dream Pop Shoegaze Stage - we guarantee, it's all real!

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Mount Zion Stage

Time: June 23, 4:20 pm

Venue: Pura Vida Manila, Makati

Line-up: JM Quiblat, DJ Ada Dub, Hempwise, Sure Vibe, Coffeebreak Island, The Oemons, Jeck Pilpil and Peace Pipe, DJ Michael Berth w/ MC Mo, DJ Reiz

Pura Vida Manila is presenting the Mount Zion Stage again this year for Fête de la Musique! Attract good vibes for the rest of the year as you spend the weekends jamming to reggae music in this Makati pocket stage!

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Freshman Night Stage

Time: June 23, 9 PM - June 24, 2 AM

Venue: saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events, San Antonio Village, Makati

Line-up: One Click Straight, Rusty Machines, Bita and the Botflies,Ysanygo, BOPEK, Any Name's Okay, Tapik, Narcolepsy Music, Paper Satellites, Grocery

Rep your school and relive your freshie days with this stage full of fresh lineups and A+ music! The Freshman Night Stage also completes the school night experience as they bring on some acts from universities like Letran Intramuros (Tapik), De La Salle University-Dasma (Narcolepsy Music), New Era University (Paper Satellites), and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (Grocery). As a bonus, those who wear their Uni Jackets gets a free Freshman Night sticker and gig card which the bands from the line-up can sign! 

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