Ffion debuts her own clothing line

Ffion debuts her own clothing line

Singaporean musician Ffion has now ventured into the world of fashion.

The starlet has launched her very own fashion label, called By. Ffion Williams. While music has always been Ffion's main focus, she has eyed fashion as a daily representation of her moods.

As such, her love for the industry has brought her to debut the clothing line — which, in a way, functions as a physical extension of her music. She enlisted the help of frequent collaborator Shaykh Akbar for her first line of releases. 

The first collection consists of four clothing items, all of which are unisex. The items are two t-shirts (one's white for S$40, one's tan for S$35), a grey oversized hoodie at S$65 and a two-tone denim jacket for S$125. All items can now be bought here.

Check out the video for Ffion's debut capsule collection below.