Eddie Boy Escudero tells us the stories behind the '90s photos of Francis M., The Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Teeth, Pepe Smith, and more

Eddie Boy Escudero tells us the stories behind the '90s photos of Francis M., The Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Teeth, Pepe Smith, and more

In Part One of this two-part interview series, we look back on live music photographer Eddie Boy Escudero's work throughout the '90s.

I stumbled upon Eddie Boy Escudero's live music photos a few years ago on social media. I had a college blockmate, Juane, who was a sports photographer at that time and shared the same last name, so I asked, "Hey, is Eddie Boy your dad?" He said yes and from then I found out that his dad was part of the vibrant '90s live music scene in Manila. He grew up surrounded by music legends, with Cynthia Alexander as his next-door neighbor, and the likes of Joey Ayala and Rizal Underground hanging out at their house on nights without gigs.

Prior to the quarantine, our editorial team had planned to interview the older Escudero in his Quezon City home surrounded by his massive photography archive. "We had walls like 4 big bookshelves of his negative folders. Yun nga lang, 1/5 of them got destroyed nung Ondoy," shares Juane.

In the past couple of weeks, Eddie Boy's nostalgic photos have been making the rounds on Facebook and we decided to get in touch with the man behind the lens for the stories of the '90s music scene.


"I've worked in the music industry since 1978, bought my first camera in 1983 in Singapore where the showband I was managing had a 3-month gig, and finally learned how to use it when I joined a camera club in 1993," Eddie Boy tells us about his beginnings. "Photography became a passion after that. I shot anything and everything and got better at it. Before I knew it, I was shooting album covers, concerts, weddings, parties, you name it."

He retired from music after 18 years, with a despedida at Club Dredd which aired live on NU107. "My career in the music business ended in 1996 when I decided to become a photographer fulltime."

"He was the only one with a camera back then," recalls Eraserheads drummer Raymund Marasigan as he shares some of the stories behind the photos.

From covering shows at Club Dredd, concerts by the Eraserheads, and the iconic NU107 Rock Awards, Eddie Boy gives us a peek into what the scene was way back when.

Pepe Smith 

Pocholo Concepcion, his manager, had this idea to have a pictorial with movie superstar, Richard Gomez. We shot in ABS-CBN in between Richard's takes. I shot this picture after. "


Best Song for 'Laklak' (1995 NU107 Rock Awards)

That's the 2nd NU107 rock awards. We were asked to perform 'Laklak" as an opener, I think. We were surprised that we got to take home the Song of the Year Award. Sabi kasi tugtog lang so akala namin tambay and drinks lang. 95 or 96 yan, we were probably 16 to 18 years old during that time and sindak kami with the presence of all the senior musicians during that event. It's a first for the group.  I think Glenn was not feeling too well that time as you can see, payat nya dyan. [His] health [was] starting to regress going to our hiatus cause of his condition the following year.

- Mike Dizon, Teeth

Francis Brew Reyes and Myrene Academia at the 1995 NU107 Rock Awards

NU107 was one of the reasons Pinoy rock thrived with help from venues like Club Dredd, Mayrics, and 70's Bistro where the bands could be heard."

The Eraserheads

Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Listeners Choice (1995 NU107 Rock Awards)

We were the new kids. We were outsiders we weren’t considered cool or at least it wasn’t cool to like us cos [sic] we were popular in the mainstream. This was at the Music Museum and someone even took our seats. We were just drifting around in the place. Keeping to our friends. I used to dread winning awards cos [sic] we were booed for winning too many."

- Raymund Marasigan, Eraserheads

Club Dredd 

This was the opening of Club Dredd Edsa. I was always at the first Club Dredd on Timog and that was where I discovered all these new bands that popped up from out of nowhere. Many of them had their own unique sound and styles which wowed me. I already knew most of the oldtimers but the newcomers proved to be really amazing. Before you know it most of them have record deals and are selling platinum!

The regulars became one big family. Most of us are still friends to this day."


This was one of their record bar tours organized by their record label, BMG. They had just released their album, Trip."

Francis Magalona at Clud Dredd

  Among the bands that were raking it in, Francis was among those in the very top. He could fill up much larger venues, but always made it a point do a show in Club Dredd, because this was the Pinoy Rock Mecca."

Sharon Cuneta and Janno Gibbs

It was standard practice for all artists to appear on TV to promote a show or record, or just appear if invited to guest. Sharon's show was one of those that my bands/artists would appear in. Hers must have been among the top rating shows of that period. To appear there was a privilege."

APO Hiking Society

My first job in 1978 was with JEM Recording, INC., and the three APO's were managers there, and artists of the label, too. I was their production assistant then and worked with them again in the late '80s when I joined their management company, Thirdline Productions."

Rivermaya at the NU107 Rock Awards

 Their manager, Lisa Nakpil, had a PR agency and was one of my clients so I got to shoot most of their gigs for her."

The Eraserheads, Rivermaya's Rico Blanco, True Faith's Meds Marfil 

Eraserheads' 2nd concert at Folk Arts Theater

I had asked their manager, Ann Angala, if I could shoot their concert and she acceded to my request."

Francis M. and Ely Buendia 

Eraserheads' 2nd concert at Folk Arts Theater

Mastaplann was also there I think. Rap was not supposed to join rock at the time. But we didn't care. We loved Mastaplann and Francis M."

- Raymund Marasigan, Eraserheads

The Eraserheads

Eraserheads' 2nd concert at Folk Arts Theater

APO Hiking Society and The Eraserheads

Eraserheads' 2nd concert at Folk Arts Theater

Ely Buendia, Francis M, Pia Magalona, Paco Arespacochaga

  BMG was going to come up with an album to commemorate the country's 100th year. The Eheads, Francis, and Introvoys were going to be part of that album."

Francis M. and Raymund Marasigan

Afterimage, Alamid, Color It Red, Eraserheads, Francis M, Grace Nono, Introvoys, Rivermaya, Yano, and the Youth were the bands chosen by BMG Records to record for the Centennial album, 1896 Ang Pagsilang.

Upon seeing the warm reception met by his throwback photos, Eddie Boy remarks, "Glad my negatives are making many feel positive."

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