Future Music Festival Asia 2015 Appeal Rejected: Turn Down For What?

We're absolutely gutted with this decision but the verdict's out — the appeal to authourize Future Music Festival Asia 2015's run next week has been denied. It was earlier reported by Channel NewsAsia that the Ministry of Home Affairs turned down the appeal made by festival organizers Livescape Singapore. 

In a statement on FMFA's official Facebook page

"We are extremely disappointed that our appeal to the Ministry of Home Affairs to organise Future Music Festival Asia 2015 (FMFA15) in Singapore has been unsuccessful. We can confirm that we have received the official rejection of our appeal. FMFA firmly stands behind our goal of creating a drug-free event for our festival goers to enjoy. Despite having put in place a robust event, security, safety and medical management plan which has been developed alongside both local and international experts with a combined 50 years of experience in running similar large-scale events, our Public Entertainment License has not been granted. The plans that have been developed far exceeds international standards."

Deadmau5 performing at Future Music Festival Asia 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Comparisons against other genres aside, we're hoping from here that there would be a greater understanding between the government and the dance music scene. It was made clear on FMFA's end that they do not condone drug use and were taking extra measures to make sure it would be a safe event this year, in our exclusive interview with them. Sadly their efforts have gone in vain with our government's robust stance against drug use. 

“The Minister for Home Affairs has carefully considered and turned down the appeal by Livescape Singapore to hold the Future Music Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore," said the Ministry in a statement.

With the unfortunate drug-related deaths that happened in FMFA 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, they've made it known that they're serious in making sure such incidents won't happen here. In Livescape's statement, they've mentioned more details will be revealed in the coming days. 

While we wait for full details from the FMFA camp, let's take a look back at the fonder memories we've had during their run in Asia up until now — here are our reports on their 2013 (Part I and II) and 2014 editions in Kuala Lumpur.

Whatever direction FMFA shall head towards, we're not sure. We just hope the party doesn't stop.

UPDATE: It is now confirmed on Future Music Festival Asia's Facebook page that this year's edition is indeed cancelled.