Gamechangers: Dropping Hits and Tips with Tat Tong and Roland Lim

Musicians spend a lot of time developing a variety of skills and areas of expertise that will help them in all aspects of the career. And we’re not just talking about the performing part. There’s the marketing part, securing grants and funds, productions and much, much more that goes into being a musician in Singapore. 

Music producers and songwriters, Roland Lim and Tat Tong have teamed up for a series of seminars to empower you - whether you’re an aspiring artist, producer, songwriter, or manager - with the knowledge to succeed in the constantly evolving music industry. 

Take it from them: Roland is responsible for 3 Top 10 Rock/Metal Albums in Australia , 6 #1 Singles in Singapore and multiple chart hits in 3 countries across Asia. Tat Tong is the only Singaporean songwriter to have been signed by Universal Music Publishing in Los Angeles and has produced/written over 40 top 20 singles around the world and 18 #1 hits, including this year's summer hit "Happy Little Pill" by Troye Sivan. 

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Roland says, “Me and Tat are very blessed to have the opportunity to make commercial pop music at the highest industry levels, all around the world.  We are very thankful for this, and aware that with this privilege, we have a responsibility to give back to our Singaporean music scene - and the best way we feel we can contribute is to share our experiences, both good and bad, and the knowledge we have gained on our amazing journey.  So that our achievements aren't just about us, but hopefully can be used to uplift the entire community.”

“The music industry is in a very tumultuous period now - the fundamental business model is being reshaped, and we all have to be on our toes to survive. In Singapore, with greater government support, the scene has seen an increasing number of local artists in recent times.  As most artists operate outside the established label system, they may not be equipped with the necessary skills to handle all the aspects of their career, even if their music is of high quality.  This talk will kick off a series of in-depth workshops in 2015 that aims to bridge the information gap and provide independent artists with the tools they need to maximize their chances of career success,” he adds. 

The Gamechangers seminar will cover aspects of Content Creation such as assembling an audio and video production team, effective songwriting and arrangement and music video production and budgeting. They will also be talking about project management, marketing and promotion, as well as the financing part of being in the industry. 

Pick up some quick tips or learn more in-depth about the ever-changing industry with the duo at the Gamechangers seminar, kicking off December 13.