Good Times teams with Laneway, Dunce, Phyla & ATTAGIRL for an epic NYE party

Good Times teams with Laneway, Dunce, Phyla & ATTAGIRL for an epic NYE party

Good Times' annual New Years Eve party is back for its 2015/2016 edition, and as usual, it's lineup is chock full of Singapore's best DJs, producers, rappers, live bands and visual artists. Organized and co-curated alongside Laneway Festival Singapore, Dunce, Phyla and ATTAGIRL, Good Times NYE will be taking over all three floors of Blu Jaz Cafe - offering hip-hop on the third, bass on the second and bands on the first!

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Level 1: 

Featuring The Psalms, Spacedays, Cashew Chemists, Pleasantry and Tim De Cotta & The Warriors, the first floor is dedicated to live bands.

Covering everything from indie to rock 'n' roll to jazz to funk to prog, the lineup is undoubtedly eclectic, but its all tied together by their common sense of infectious, upbeat energy. It is NYE after all! Jointly presented and co-curated by Laneway Festival Singapore and Dunce, a few lucky folks will be able to win free Laneway tickets during giveaways all throughout the night, so stay sharp!

Levels 2 & 3:

Brought to you by ATTAGIRL and Phyla, the upper floors will be bangin' thanks to their cherry-picked collection of rappers and DJs on offer.

Featuring names like KiatFzpzA/K/AJaydahAreshaAnomyDuriOCherry ChanCrazy 88's, AudiomotiveFinding NikoFAUXE x Mediocre Haircut CrewDeeranae Ft. Serenade & Erawr and Kaminey Soundsystem (Naz + Harv) - you can already tell this one's going to be incredibly fun. As always, the trusty MC Roz will be the hypeman on the mic while Empyreal and NMA will be providing the visuals all night long. 

Good Times NYE Partay takes place across all 3 floors of Blu Jaz Cafe on December 31 2015. Check up on their Facebook event page for information on set times, Laneway Festival Singapore ticket giveaways and further details.