Greyhoundz vocalist Reg Rubio teases new "secret" project

Greyhoundz vocalist Reg Rubio teases new "secret" project

Reg Rubio is about to share new music.

On Saturday (02/06), the Greyhoundz vocalist took to social media to announce that he's been at the studio recording a new "secret project."

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According to his post, he'd been writing and recording for almost a year while the Filipino heavy metal act have been inactive due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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While Rubio hasn't revealed the new project's official release date, he promises it will be out soon. "Sobrang saya ko to be part of it," he writes in a statement, thanking Tower of Doom for accomodating him.

In the meantime, check out Greyhoundz's official music video for their single 'Krus' below.